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My Life in 7 minutes

No description

Diana de la Torre

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of My Life in 7 minutes

Status Update (Interpersonal???)
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Decisions, Decisions (Thinking)
The Neighborhood concert was amazing!
Status Update (more about me)
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The Whole Truth
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Diana De La Torre
Speech 1318
February 21, 2016
Professor Harper-LeBlanc
Diana De La Torre
An aspiring physical therapist
who aims to one day change
the world. Still in high school is
prepared to take the necessary
steps to grow stronger and
About Diana De La Torre (Intuitive)
Born in Houston, Texas, Diana De La Torre was raised by an hispanic family who knew she was destined for great things. As she grew up, she learned that life had many challenges that awaited her. Nevertheless, it was her parents' reassuring words that kept her focused in accomplishing what her mind desired. De La Torre longs to be the first in her family to go to college. Nevertheless, she would like to go above that and attend the private institution of Rice University in order to major in biology. Afterward, she dreams about opening her own non-profit hospital, as well as working in it as a pediatric physical therapist.
(Infomercial Example)
- I enjoy learning

- I love Star Wars

- I dress comfortably

- I love to read

- I am very outspoken
- I get off track easily

- I'm unorganized

- I can be bossy

- I participate a bit too much
- Who will I become?
- Although I have many friends,
I prefer being alone

- I rather be reading at a coffee shop,
than be at a party

- I overthink
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