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South America - Urbanization

No description

Hadley Jarvis

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of South America - Urbanization

Urbanization - Yes or No??
By: Hadley Jarvis
Urbanization... the problem.
Who- The people that did this was all of the people that wanted to live in more urban areas. What- Urbanization is when people move from rural areas to urban areas. Why- People did this because there was more job opportunities, a better education and health care quality, there is more to see and do, some weather problems make it impossible to live in the rural areas, war problems, the use of machines for agriculture made it to where people lost jobs in the rural areas. When- This has been happening for the past 50 years. How- People move to urban areas but there have been places that have rapid urbanization. That means that the urban cities are growing to fast and the people can't keep up with them.
Benefits of Urbanization
1) There was the promise of jobs, schools, and health services. 2) It is not as bad in urban areas as they are in the rural areas. 3) War has made it to where the urban areas are safer to live in. 4) In established towns health care and education are better quality in the urban areas. 5) There are more things to do and see in urban areas so it will be better for the kids.
Negatives of Urbanization
1) If there is rapid urbanization than people would have to live in Favelas. 2) The favelas are lacking in water, electricity or even safe sanitation. 3) The homes were prone to many, many diseases. 4) Unemployment and poverty are main issues of Urbanization. 5) There is a rapid spread of disease.
A Feasible Solution
A feasible solution that could happen with urbanization is that the city council could use the taxes to buy houses for the people that are in poverty. The houses would keep them from the cold, be safe and be and improvement up from the favelas.

Map of the Affected Areas
Thanks for Watching!!!
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