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The PCS News

No description

nolan sarnac

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of The PCS News

by:Nolan Sarnac
The PCS News
Here as PCS news we will be disguising why it is important to be safe on the internet.

We will be showing you a spreadsheet of how many adults actually know how secure all of their information actually is. We asked 50 people to take a survey. We tried to hack all 50 people and their was only 5 people we were not able to hack.

Here are some photos that our number 1 news anchor took and/or edited edited!!!!

Here on PCS news we like to tell you the basics on internet safety. We will be telling you about copyright issues next.
Internet Safety
Have a good password
Know who you are talking to and don’t give your information out.
Great web browsers to choose to stay safe:Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, they all have their own way to be secure.
One of the easiest ways malware, spyware, and adware can access your computer is through downloads.
Have good password like , “235jgjgjhgt545454” not “ilovesports”.

Good pictures usually always start with the right lighting.
There are different settings on the camera to help you take different kinds of picture. For example macros.
The faster the shutter speed usually the better the picture you get.
If you are taking pictures at night the slower the shutter speed the picture is blurry and more grainy with a high ISO
Try not to put your objects that you are taking the picture of aren’t centered unless they need to be.

But first I want to talk to you about digital photography.

You can get sued from copy and pasting information without siteing where it came from or without the author's permission.
By using copy and paste during school and get caught you can get expelled/suspended.
It is illegal to copy and paste stories like poems or books.
Copy and pasting is not illegal if you site where it came from or have permission to use his/her picture or paper.
During school the kids aren’t even doing most of the work they are just simply highlighting copying and pasting.

We hope you learned a little something today. Thanks for watching and learning from PCS news! Goodbye!!!
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