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Planning Retreat - Instruction


Mandi Lee

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Planning Retreat - Instruction

Finally Instructional Services
TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL Instruction Planning Retreat 2013 ARTS/SCI: Influencing College Articulation Agreement
Establishing Honors Program
VOC/TECH: Expanding Career & College Pathways
CONT ED: Expand and Diversify Course Offerings
Research and Develop Crosswalks with Curriculum
LRC: Ensuring Quality in Distance Learning
Supporting Constantly Changing Curriculum Retention and Recruitment ARTS/SCI: Implement Developmental Math and English Changes
VOC/TECH: Develop Marketing Plan for Low Enrollment Programs
CONT ED: Implement On-line Evaluations and Feedback
Simplify Enrollment Process
LRC: Analyze Retention and Success in Distance Learning Classes Planning: Programs and Space ARTS/SCI: Move in to Union Station
Identify Spaces for New Initiatives
VOC/TECH: Plan the Advanced and Emerging Technologies Bldg
Construct New Space for Carpentry
CONT ED: Identify Additional Off-Campus Sites and Programs
Develop a Plan for Surf City Course Programming
LRC: Getting More Mobile Professional Development ARTS/SCI: Facilitate Plan for Peer-to-Peer Pro Dev
Apply for Grants to Support Pro Dev
VOC/TECH: Establish Additional On-Site Certifications
CONT ED: Increase Courses and Services to the Business Community
Support Pro Dev Activities for Faculty and Staff
LRC: Manage a Master Pro Dev Calendar Data and Documentation ARTS/SCI: Exchange Data with UNC-W
VOC/TECH: Identify and Collect Regularly Reported Data
CONT ED: Expand the Ability for Online Registration
LRC: Implement a New Integrated Library System Evaluating trends and best practices to ensure quality instruction for students to successfully transfer or enter the workforce (College Goals: Numbers 1, 3, 4, 6) Ensure that students know and understand their options and are progressing towards meeting their goals and objectives (College Goals: Numbers 1 and 6) Provide creative opportunities for faculty and staff to grow personally and professionally
(Colleges Goals: Numbers 2 and 8) Anticipate students needs and community needs in relationship to currently available space and the acquisition of new space by formulating a well-developed plan for the future (College Goals: Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6) Ensure that we are accurately retrieving and interpreting data, submitting correct and precise reports, and streamlining our efforts to avoid duplication and unnecessary hardship (College Goals: Numbers 1 and 11)
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