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Freshman Orientation

Sydnye C

on 4 January 2012

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Transcript of CRAP TEST

When was the last update?

How current is this information?

How current do you need it to be?
Point of view or
Can this information be found somewhere else?

Can you verify the reliablity of the site? Look for data, statistics, or other facts that you can check against other sources. Then check them!

Look for the same information in other sources. Can you triangulate your research? (3 sources with the same information)

Does the site add to the facts, issues, or arguments you're already aware of? Is it useful to your research?
Does it provide details not available elsewhere?

Is it always there when I need it?
Who is the author?
WHat are their credentials?
Why is this information there?
Be on the lookout for a hidden agenda.

Who is the author?
What are his /her credentials?
Who created this information and why?
What knowledge or skills do they have in this area?
What kind of site is this .edu .com .gov?
What else has this author written?
Is the information objective or subjective?
Is it fact or opinion?
Does it reflect bias?
How does the sponsor of the site impact the perspective of the informaton?
Do you get both sides of the issue?
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