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future technology by George Gordon.

No description

george gordon

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of future technology by George Gordon.

Future Technology.
Cities such as London are trying to evolute to make the city more futuristic especially to recycle.
I think that in general we need to think more and be more careful when it comes to making decisions because what would happen if Britain committed everything to become more futuristic and went into complete poverty? Therefore we should put it off for a bit and come back to the project when we have a financial back-up in case it goes wrong
Good Points
People will no longer have to actually cook as most of the futuristic technology is operated by mobile devices. This will benefit people as they will have more time with their children rather than be cooking all the time.
Houses nowadays contain kettles, dishwashers, kettles, fridge-freezers and microwaves. But technology is changing day by day. Now scientists are trying to make most daily used products controlled by mobile phones.
This is good because if London evolves far more cities will follow and make the earth cleaner. If this happens humans will not have to worry about polluting the planet.
Good Points
Buildings will have to be knocked down to start afresh on the project meaning that people will go into poverty and the nation will
also go into poverty.
Bad Points
The bad points are that people will become lazy and won't cook as much as before.
Bad Points
Good Point
Bad Points
Some bad points are that patients in the hospital will have to leave causing disruption in their treatment.
Governments are trying to develop new solutions to make hospitals ""up to date""
This is good because hospitals will have more equipment and may be able to cure people of more diseases. Advantages to this is that we will be able to keep the human race going for a much longer time.
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