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Action Research Proposal

No description

Maaike Vermaak

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Action Research Proposal

Literature Review

Research Questions
Block A
AISJ Pretoria
Technology integration in education: applying computer technology, including its techniques and products, to facilitate the performance of school curriculum and pedagogy. (Chien-Heng, 2012)
Qualified Lower Elementary Teacher
Experience at AISJ - Grades 2, 4 and 5 in a learning support 1:1 program
Grades 4 and 5 - high technology expectations (goal)
Basic skills
Prepare lower grades for higher grade expectations
3 kindergarten classes
unaware of extent to which technology is being integrated
I will conduct research to
familiarize myself with the technology skills kindergarteners own when first coming to kindergarten,
the curriculum expectations with regards to technology integrations in kindergarten and
the implementation of technology
Literature review
• What are the emergent technology skills kindergarteners have when entering their school year?
• What are the expectations of technology-integration in the Kindergarten curriculum at AISJ?
Maaike Vermaak
Action Research Proposal
The Use of Technology Integration in a Kindergarten Classroom
Literature Review
connect to real world experts
Active engagement
Participation in groups
Research Questions:
• Which technology-integration programs are currently used in the kindergarten curriculum at AISJ?
1. Sub question: What is the role of technology in supporting individual students experiencing learning difficulties by identifying barriers in the curriculum?
• What is the potential for technology integration in Kindergarten?
Basic skills: log on to desktop
universal icons
basic navigation
Potential of IT
nature of programs used
possibilities in accessing information and communication available via internet
increasing influence in our daily lives (Amante, 2007)
Difficult to ignore the contribution of these new means to enrich the learning contexts for childhood
Technology taught in separate classrooms
Basic computer skills +programs
Effective Tech Integration = across curriculum + complement learning process
Frequent interaction and feedback
4 Components for Learning:
Early Childhood Technology Integration -
Needs work to be transformed into technology based learning
(Mioduser, 2000)
This study -
Explore potential connections between
Teacher TI
Student learning
AISJ Technology philosophy:
The application of technology standards encourages and supports the design, implementation and assessment of learning experiences to engage students and to improve learning. AISJ students use technology to analyze, learn, and explore. Digital age skills prepare students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities evaluating the skills and knowledge needed to live effectively and productively in an increasingly technological world (AISJ, 2012)
Potential Obstacles:
Primary teachers struggle to integrate technology.
Resistance to innovations because of educational beliefs about teaching practice and technology.
How well/poorly software is aligned with curriculum.
Participants + setting:
3 kindergarten teachers
Students from my class
Other colleagues
Systematic Observation Notes
Field Notes
Reflective Journal
September 2014
First Cycle - implement existing tech data obtained through conducting interviews.
Begin to analyze other existing programs
Thank you!
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