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The maze Runner

Book Report

Kody Hoyt

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The maze Runner

Dashner published October 2009 The Maze Runner starts with Thomas, awaking in an elevator like machine, called The Lift, in the year 2024, with no memories of his life. After a while The Lift stops moving and he reaches the top, where he finds a large area called the Glade and a group of boys who call themselves Gladers.
There he meets the leader of the Gladers, Alby and the second in command, Newt. Also he meets someone named Gally, who confronts Thomas and says he can’t be trusted, because he remembers seeing Thomas while he was going through "the changing”. After they told Gally to calm down, Newt and Alby told Thomas to find a boy named Chuck, so he can give him a tour of the glade. While Chuck was showing Thomas around the maze, they saw a beetle like machine with WICKED printed on it's torso. Chuck explained that the beetle like machine was called a beetle-blades and they were put there by "The Creators", he said it is how they watch the Gladers.
After Chuck was done showing Thomas around the Glade, Chuck tells Thomas about a giant maze surrounding the glade, and four doors that open in the morning and close at night. Each of the doors opens into different sections of the maze. When Thomas learns of the maze he gets a strange urge to explore it, even after hearing about monsters that live in the maze.
The next day the girl arrived in the Glade, holding a message that says "Everything is about to change". After delivering the message she falls into a coma. Also that day, a kid named Ben, attacked Thomas saying the same things about Thomas that Gally did. After Alby saved Thomas, The Keepers decided to banish Ben to the maze.
Thomas sees someone coming out of the maze the next day. Thomas learns that his name is Minho and that he is the keeper (or leader) of the Runners (group of people who map out the maze every day). Minho tells Thomas and Alby that he found a dead griever (monsters that live in the maze). The next day Minho and Alby set out to see the griever, when they don't return in a few hours Newt gets worried about them. Finally just as the doors were about to close for the night they spotted Minho carrying Alby on his shoulder, because he was stung by a griever. When Thomas realizes that they won’t make it to the Glade he decides to break the number one rule, don’t enter the maze, to help Alby and Minho.
After Thomas enters the maze, Minho tells him that it is hopeless, because no one has ever survived a night in the maze. After a while they begin to hear the grievers slowly approaching them. Then Minho left Thomas and Alby and ran into the maze to try to evade the grievers. As the grievers got closer, Thomas tied Alby in the vines to keep the grievers from finding him, and then ran into the maze to lead the grievers from Alby. While Thomas was running in the maze, he had a strange felling that he knew it.
Then Thomas spotted two grievers ahead of him and he had no choice but to turn around and run full speed at the griever behind him then dive at the last second to avoid the griever. It worked and he ran down a long corridor. Then Minho found him and pulled him to the side and said he had a plan to get the grievers to stop chasing them. Then Minho leads Thomas to a part of the maze that they called the cliff. There he told Thomas that his plan involved them diving at the grievers like he did with the other griever, but to make them fall of the cliff. So they waited until the grievers got close enough then dived away from the grievers and they fell off the cliff, one by one, but there cries oddly were cut off instead of slowly fading.
When Thomas and Minho Realize that they survived the night, Thomas tells Minho about how he tied Alby up in the vines and he might still be alive. When they finally make it back to the Glade, Thomas told Newt that he tied Alby up in the vines and that he might still be alive. When he wakes up the next day, he is glad to hear that Alby got the grieve serum in time, but he has to go through “the changing” until he will be fully healed. The changing is what happens after someone is stung by a griever, then given the grieve serum; it gives them some memories of their life before they woke up in the lift, but it causes them to go through a lot of pain. Theme: The theme of The Maze Runner is persistence, because the Gladers never stopped trying to solve the maze, even when it almost hopeless solving the maze. Summary: Chapter 1-23 Review: Images: Griever Summary: Chapter 24-41 The next day, Newt calls for a meeting of the Keepers so they can figure out what to do with Thomas, because he broke the number one rule of the Glade. During the meeting, Gally was confronted by Minho, then ran somewhere deep in the maze. The Keepers decide to lock him in there jail they call, "the slammer" for one day, but to start training to be a runner the next day. When Alby was well enough to talk, he told Newt, that he wanted to talk to Thomas. Alby had also seen Thomas in his memories while going through the changing, like Gally had, but he had a spasm before he could tell Thomas what he had remembered about him, before they left Alby told them to protect the maps. After they leave, Newt tells Thomas to sit near the girl to see if it will cause him to remember anything. Then after a while, she telepathically tells him that her name is Teresa and she was sent there to trigger something and the Gladers have to pass “the trials”. Then Thomas panics and runs out into the maze, after a while he returns to the Glade and decides not to tell anyone what he had heard.
After his day in the slammer, he began to train to be a runner with Minho. Before he and Minho left to explore the maze, Minho showed Thomas the weapons room and the map room, where each runner mapped out the section of the maze they had explored that day. During his training in the maze, Thomas found a sign that on the walls of the maze that read, WORLD IN CATASTROPHE: KILLZONE EXPERIMENT DEPARTMENT. Later that night, as he was falling asleep, Teresa telepathically spoke to him again, saying “Tom, I just triggered the ending".
The next morning, the sky was gray, instead of the natural light of morning. Also there was not a sun, so that lead to Thomas believing that the sky had to be artificial. Even though the sun had vanished, Minho had insisted on still exploring the maze. As they entered the maze, Minho had spotted a griever, and then Minho decided to follow it after it didn't make any effort to chase after them. They chased it to the cliff where it spun forward off the cliff into the gray abyss below. After seeing the griever jumping of the cliff and remembering the three grievers they had "tricked" into falling off the cliff days earlier they got suspicious. So they gathered some rocks and began to through them off the cliff to see if it was some kind of illusion and after they through a few rocks, they found a small area that they would disappear. They decided to call the place the griever hole.
As soon as they got back to the Glade, they went to the map room and mapped out the section of the maze they had explored. After they were done mapping out the maze, Newt had told them that the supplies hadn't come that day. After Newt told them about the supplies, Minho told Newt about what they had found in the maze. Then they shifted their attention to a commotion outside of the homestead. Then Chuck ran over and told them that the girl had woke up, and then again she spoke telepathically and said, that her memory was fading, then said that the maze is a code. After hearing that, he hid in the woods to get away from everyone in the Glade. Then out of nowhere Teresa found him and was surprised that Thomas could not remember her. She too lost most of her memories, but somehow she remembered Thomas. Also as she was losing her memories, she wrote on her arm, "WICKED is good". Neither she nor Thomas could remember what Wicked was. She explained that she did not know how she could telepathically speak to him, but she said that he probably could.
Then Newt and Alby found them and told them that the doors to the maze had not closed. Then Alby ordered someone to lock Teresa up in there jail, because he was not sure if she could be trusted. That night they barricaded the doors and all the Gladers slept in the Homestead. During the night, Alby decided to go work in the map room. Later on that night they had begun to hear grievers entering the Glade. They were shocked to see Gally enter the room saying that the grievers were going to kill them one by one, until they solved the maze, then a griever came and took him. As the griever went into the maze, Minho ran after it to make sure that it was going to the cliff. The next morning the discovered Alby laying unconscious outside of the map room with all the maps burned. When Thomas went to visit Teresa, she said that she had an idea about how to solve the maze, but she said it involved the maps. Summary: Chapter 42-62 When Thomas told Newt and Minho about Teresa's idea, they had told him that after Alby had warned them to keep the maps safe; they hid them in a secret closet in the weapon storage area. There idea was that the maze actually had a code "written" in it. There plan was to trace the maps on wax paper, then stack them and shine a light at the bottom. When they saw that a few words were starting to show in the middle, they knew that it was working.
Teresa and a few other trusted Gladers stayed to decipher the maps, while Thomas, Minho and the Runners left to explore the maze. They planned to spend the night in the maze exploring, but after a while they decided that it was pointless. When they returned, Teresa and the other Gladers had finished deciphering the maps, but they were not sure what it meant. All that the maps had said was, float, catch, bleed, death, stiff and push. Thomas had the feeling that the only way for them to get out of the maze, was for him to try to get stung by a griever, then go through the changing.
That night as a griever was leaving after taking someone Thomas ran after it, ignoring people telling him to stop. After he was stung, the grievers left back into the maze and Newt ordered one of the Gladers to bring him inside. When he finally woke up from the pain, he realized that the only way out of the maze was very dangerous and unexpected. He figured out that he and Teresa had design the maze against their will and that it was all some kind of test.
After he was well enough to get out of bed Newt and Alby called a meeting. There he explained to the Keepers, that there was a computer station in the griever hole, where they had to enter the words they had gotten from the code. After Alby had heard what Thomas had said, he confessed what he had remembered from the changing. He said that they would not want to go back and that they would be better off in the maze and he mentioned something called the Flare. He also said that he was the one who burned the map room and injured himself.
After they came up with a plan, they told the rest of the Gladers of it. More than half of them agreed with it and decided to go with them to the griever hole, the others decided to stay behind. As Thomas and Teresa were thinking about the plan they noticed that WICKED stood for, WORLD IN CATASTROPHE: KILLZONE EXPERIMENT DEPARTMENT. When they finally convinced Alby to come with them, But Thomas still felt like Alby was unstable. They gathered and made all the weapons they could, and began to leave the Glade. The plan was for the Gladers to fight off the grievers until Thomas and Teresa could shut them down with the code.
When they got to the cliff, they found a group of grievers waiting for them, and then Alby remembered what Gally had said about them only killing one person at a time. Before Newt could stop him, Alby ran at the grievers and they killed him, but the Creators had already reprogrammed the grievers. After the grievers had killed Alby, the rest of the Gladers had charged at the grievers and Thomas decided that he, Teresa and Chuck would go through the griever hole and enter the code.
After they got in the griever hole, Teresa began to enter the code. As Teresa was entering the code, a Griever appeared at the top of the hole. While Thomas was trying to attack the griever with his spear, Teresa said that the code was not working, because it would not let her enter Push. Just as Thomas killed the griever with his spear, another one appeared at the top. Then Chuck noticed a button that was labeled Kill The Maze. Then Teresa pushed it and everything went silent. Then down a dark tunnel there was a sound of a door opening. Only twenty-one out of the forty-one Gladers they left with had survived. Minho and Newt were two of the survivors.
When they got to the door that had opened, they found a long slide-like tunnel. After they had all gotten to the bottom, they found the Creators. When they got there, they heard a beeping sound then two people walked through a door, one wearing a hood and the other was a lady that looked familiar to Thomas. When the kid with a hood showed his face, they were all surprised to see that it was Gally. Gally struggled to say that the Creators had control of him, then he through a dagger strait at Thomas. Then Chuck jumped in front of Thomas. After Chuck had died, Thomas snapped and almost killed Gally before Newt and Minho could drag him away.
Then several men and women ran in to rescue them, then led them outside and showed them to a bus outside. As they were riding on the bus, someone sitting near Thomas and Teresa told them about a place called the Scorch and a disease called the Flare. They said that they lived far north, far from the Scorch. When they got to where the people were brought them, they were happy to have beds and good food. That night Thomas could only think of Chuck. The Maze Runner is a very exciting book that is hard to stop reading, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I would recommend this book to teenagers who like science-fiction books like the Hunger Games.
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