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Early Events in American History

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Rebecca McGonigle

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Early Events in American History

Early Events in American History
Articles of Confederation
Weak central government and strong state governments
Only good thing was precedent of gaining new lands
Northwest Territory
Land Ordinance of 1785
Organized new lands
6 x6 miles, 36 sections
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Add-a-state plan
3 step process
Many bandaid solutions
3/5th Compromise
Missouri Compromise
Compromise of 1850
Bleeding Kansas
Election of 1860
4 candidates
Republican Abraham Lincoln
Gained most of North votes
South Carolina succeed
Many followed
April 12, 1861 Fort Sumter attacked
Start of Civil War
England Gets Involved with N. American Colonies
Fighting the French around the World
French and Indian War
Colonists help to protect land and fight
Guerrilla warfare
Huge win but also huge bill
Other Colonies Soon Followed
Economic opportunities
New Jersey
New York
Summer of 1787 most Founding Fathers gathered in Philly
Issues with Articles
Compromise was key to success
Great Compromise
3/5th Compromise
Bill of Rights
Washington took office 1789
Set many precedents
Warned against political parties
Andrew Jackson
Rags to riches, common man
People left like he was one of them
Opened government up to all people
Federal government was more powerful than states
Removed Native Americans to West lands
Government not involved in economy
Louisiana Purchase and Manifest Destiny
1800 Thomas Jefferson new president
France in another war and needed money
Offer Louisiana Territory for $15 million
1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Began era of expansion
1830s really took off and believed it was our destiny
Territories of Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, and California
Dividing the nation
North believed it was wrong
Did not have a need for it
South relied on it for cheap labor
Agriculturally based
Supply and demand of cash crops
Not like being told what to do
1840s-1860s abolitionists became very vocal and wanted change
Founding of the Colonies
1585 Roanoke island off the coast of NC
1607 Jamestown founded on Virginia coast
First successful colony
John Smith
John Rolfe and tobacco
Cash crop
Growing demand
Religious freedom
Massachusetts Bay
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
2 main reasons for it
Founding Fathers
Educated, wealthy, upper class
Met several times to discuss issues with British
First Continental Congress
Petition and get organized
1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord
Second Continental Congress
Create and govern new nation
1781 Articles of Confederation ratified
Mexico wanted settlers but Americans refused to listen to their laws
Americans and Tejanoes declared independence
"Remember the Alamo"
Sam Houston became first president of the Lone Star Republic
Asked to be annexed by the US
Claimed by 4 countries
Britain and US had strongest so divided the land
New Mexico
Land between California and Texas
Made popular by the Santa Fe Trail
Settlers wanted the land for the US
US president needed an excuse for war
Excuse was Texas's border
Rio Grande vs. Nueces
Army regiment sent to Rio Grande and Mexico saw it as an act of aggression
"Invaded our territory and shed American blood upon American soil"
1840s Americans poured in
Natural resources
During Mex-Amer War American settlers declared independence to establish Bear Flag Republic
US annexed it quickly
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