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ENGINUITY - 2012 Summer Tour

No description

Steve galaty

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of ENGINUITY - 2012 Summer Tour

EXCELLENCE ENGINUITY 2012 Summer Tour How many of you remember solution selling
from the 1980's? In retrospect,
it's simple
we designed a solution to address that need,
explained why we were better than competitors
and with some luck and pricing savvy,
we had a new client. Clients had a need, …and we have to shepherd them through the sales process If you don’t believe me,
chec kout the July HBR article.
Baah-ahh-ahh. What is a culture of growth? How are we going to implement? GROWTH Groom our analysts to become the next CELs

Drive customer centricity, innovative and/or practical ideas

Build a team of trusted advisors Here’s an idea, let’s create a culture of EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION What do Google, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Costco, and Qualcomm have in common? Definition of a Machine: Interrelated parts with separate functions. Definition of an Agency: An intricate structure of an organized body of people GROWTH Are we our clients’ trusted advisor?
If we want Merkle and our clients
to grow, we need to be. PROFITABILITY How many files are handled by Merkle to support our client solutions each month? CLIENT SATISFACTION The commitment to serve is engrained in the human soul—and this commitment often fails to translate into sustained acts of service, even with the best intentions. How do we identify a need BEFORE
it’s stated by a client? great workplace = great investment = $$$ what we do who we are why we do what we do Merkle has a unique culture.
How do we embed that early on? What? People are our brand Who? Identify Merkle’s Cultural Ambassadors MERKLE CULTURAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Provides “go-to” resource for employees

Higlights our passion for thought leadership

Reinforces commitment to team Cultivating connectivity and a network for employees beyond the first 30 days of onboarding How? Create an accessible, scalable and repeatable program that will grow with time and experience What? • Create a forum for support, help and direction
- Allowed to ask the “stupid” questions

• Geared toward new hires but open to anyone

• Ambassadors collaborate with each other for ideas and solutions

BENEFIT: Provides a “go-to” resource for employees to navigate our matrixed, diverse and geographically distributed organization Who? How? • On-site Cultural Ambassadors meet with new hires within first week to introduce themselves and explain the program
Align with new hire breakfast

• Email alias
Provides forum for employees to direct questions to a diverse group

• Monthly check-ins for first 6 months
Evaluate & feedback

• Ambassadors meet monthly

• Ambassadors provide Quarterly updates

• BENEFIT: Reinforces our commitment to a team approach and developing partnerships to drive employee satisfaction and retention So, how do we do that? • 5 highest ranked companies
• Best companies to work for
• Highly profitable
• No Joke! Now to win work we have to identify a need
before the client does. »»» Fast forward to 2012. RESULTS • Earning trust
• Art of listening
• Sincerity
• Engagement
• Framing Issue
• Self-Confidence
• Curiosity
• Professionalism
• Focus on the Other Person What? Instill a culture of growth this way:
Training on Innovation and Business Development
Collateral to make it “real” and top of mind
Recognition of contributors

Client Engagement level changes:
Internal QBR
Engage entire team in business development efforts
360 engagement feedback should include a growth component How? 10,000
100,000 Over
100,000 Files! and we don't have a standard way to track and manage them ? supported by more than 15 years of research into high performance, has led us to the inescapable conclusion that most really successful companies do not reinvent themselves through periodic “binge and purge” strategies. Instead they relentlessly build on their fundamental differentiation, going from strength to strength. A recent Harvard Business Review article, "The Great Repeatable Business Model" states:
Utilization Repeatability vs. focus building
processes resources Core
strengths BEST RESULTS • Volunteer-based but selected group
Should be an honor to be selected
Live Merkle Culture and are passionate about what they do

• Representatives from each BU/Vertical
All levels
One from each office

• Quarterly/Semiannual rotation

BENEFIT: Highlights our passion for thought leadership, provides Network and leadership opportunities for the BU members who volunteer positively impact our profits • reduce risk • increase efficiency
bring junior-level resources up to speed more quickly Developing repeatable processes to improve profitability PROFITABILITY? So, how do we implement the program to achieve higher What? Establish Knowledge Management Organization Who? Dedicate resources to internal initiatives focused on repeatability How? Help drive individual knowledge management and collaboration What? Manage each BU's knowledge base

Gather and publish collected information

Ensure Knowledge bases are up-to-date and relevant

Circulate information How? Make knowledge management part of our culture

Measure participation as a factor in performance measurement

Encourage employees to think about what they can contribute

Reward these high contributors with recognition • Avoid potential pain points
lack of progress, unsuccessful roll-outs, inability to measure value

• Shield resources from the ‘client utilization pull’

• Manage initiatives like we do with our client projects
milestones and dates
allow for measurement of success and effectiveness

• TSG Development Skills Matrix

• Confluence/Wiki project

• TSG Methodoogy Provides a team of Knowledge Managers

Focuses on repeatability

Drives individual knowledge management and collaboration RESULTS You can’t run your business based on the faith that ... all of your employees will perform

all day, every day, for an indefinite period. HEROICALLY Heroism, in fact, can be a comes in early and stays late every day, picking up the slack and overcoming obstacles in their company’s service design. Whenever a client has had enough and is about to walk, this person gets on the case and, through their superhuman effort, “fixes”everything. RED FLAG We know that person who... ...the money they’re leaving on the table, and the growth opportunities they’re missing—to say nothing of the risk of assuming that this very special employee will stick around. But as long as this person is around, the company will never confront the serious problems they’ve created for themselves... Cynicism can build quickly among talented, client-facing people when service problems are systematically tolerated.

The cape starts to feel

when overused. Great service, it turns out, is not made possible by running the business harder and faster on the backs of a few extraordinary people. designing a system that... It’s made possible,
profitable, sustainable
and scalable by... sets up everyone to excel. How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business Uncommon Service: By Frances Frei, Anne Morriss What? Identify attributes of client satisfaction How? Manage clients consistently based on satisfaction attributes CLIENT SATISFACTION Build a model for delivering service excellence that will translate to high client satisfaction. Who? Commit resources for long-term satisfaction What? • Ask clients what drives satisfaction for them

• Ask all stakeholder levels and functions

• Pass attributes on to client team once we win the business

BENEFIT: creates a common understanding between the sales process and the implementation process of not only the solutions being provided, but how to service the client in the relationship How? Who? • Assign a dedicated team of resources
• Identify and match CEL
• Define service excellence behaviors by role and evaluate performance
• Assign more resources — avoid individual “heroics”

BENEFIT: employees who enjoy taking care of the clients they work with, resource retention, and highly satisfied clients who continue to invest in solutions we recommend Creates common understanding of sales to implementation process

Supports role knowledge and team success

Fosters pride in service, resource retention, and highly satisfied clients RESULTS • Client team establishes account plan for managing the client

• Ensure all team members understand their role
Evaluate customer satisfaction based on the attributes

• Client scorecard with satisfaction attributes
Gather feedback
Refine and improve

• Important! — scorecard is client-specific and would be implemented in addition to the Net Promoter Score

BENEFIT: everyone on the team, including the client, understands what it means to be successful and their role in the delivery of service excellence Excellence must be normalized but by designing a model for employees to deliver excellence everyday,

by building a system that just doesn’t produce anything else not by demanding extraordinary sacrifice HEAVY ...and chocolate MERKLE EMPLOYEE
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