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Art Parody

No description

Kauriee Wood

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Art Parody

Mona Lisa Theodore Gericault David Oath of the Horati Death of Marat Cassatt Van Gogh Manet Shepard Fairey Fraggonard Calder Dali Van Eyke Vitruvian Man Matisse Kandinsky Miro Monet Modigliani Piet Mondrian Edvard Munch Pablo Picasso Jackson Pollock Rembrandt Renoir/Miro Renoir Picasso/Manet Manet/Renoir Andy Warhol Mondrian/Warhol Seurat Roy Lichtenstein Gustav Klimt Persistence of Memory Last Supper Raft of the Medusa- 1818 Bonaparte Crossing the Alps The Kiss Francisco Goya 3rd of May 1808
-1814- School of Athens Grant Wood American Gothic Vermeer Girl With the Pearl Earring Rothko Norman Rockwell Hokusai The Great Wave American Soup Lichtenstein/Mondrian Van Seurat Van Lichtenstein Leonardo Davinci Stormtroopian Man Mona Leafa
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