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Central Texas Paranormal Conference

The Power of Music Ghost Psychology

Sally Swanson

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Central Texas Paranormal Conference

the Power of Sound to Cross Dimensions The Ambient Understanding a spirit's
emotional motivation is essential Electronic Voice Phenomena
EVP Interpreting EVPs is subjective. ASPR (The American Society for Psychical Research) discovered EVPs in 1933.

They proved these spirit communications were beyond the normal range of human hearing.

In 1938, they recorded the first EVP using "dead recording equipment." Phonetic Reversal
aka Backmasking Beatles
"White Album" Led Zeppelin
IV Residual Intelligent A negative force
that feeds upon the energy of the living and the dead Feeding off the Storm Location or item specific Intelligent hauntings may indicate
a spirit's compelling need. Demonic An American musician finds a cache of ancient sheet music that has the power to change the destiny of the world. Will music be used as a force for good or evil? Types of Manifestations Farlight Printing & Publishing, LLC
farlightpress.com Wrath Envy Greed Lust Love Hope Residual or Intelligent? Why do spirits communicate? A spirit conveys a message to explain or persuade. True love is eternal
Powerful energy
stains the fabric of space and time. Fyvie Castle, Scotland Fort San Cristobal, Puerto Rico Naples, Italy
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