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The Rush For the Gold

No description

Emily Di

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The Rush For the Gold

The Rush For the Gold
John Feinstein
Realistic Fiction- Sports Mystery

Main Characters
Main Character/Protagonist/ Round Character
Susan Carol Anderson:
15 year old competitive swimmer who won the 200 fly in The World Championships and is ready to advance to the London Olympics. She is tall, athletic, and has a beautiful smile. This is a perfect package for Olympic related advertising. She is determined, humble, and friendly.
Stevie Thomas:

He is Susan Carol's 15 year old boyfriend who travels with her to London and is a reporter there. Susan describes him as being short, attractive and always a supportive confidant.
Bobby and Tamara:
They are a reporting team who help Susan through difficult times.
Reverend Anderson:
He is Susan Carol's dad, who is normally very supportive. However, he loses sight of Susan's priorities in pursuit of profit.
: Ed has been Susan's dedicated coach throughout high school and travels with her to the Olympics. Susan can count on him to put her priorities before his own. Does he have what it takes to be an Olympic Coach?

Initial Conflict
Person vs. Self: Susan Carol qualifies for the Olympics and that, packaged with her good looks, could bring her a fortune in advertising. Is she ready to give up her life as she knows it?

Susan Carol is about to swim the race that will make or break her career. Will she come home with gold or the disappointing silver or bronze?
Susan's competitors threaten to do just about anything to make sure she doesn't win; just how far will they take these threats?
Elizabeth gets DQed; is this part of the plan to knock Susan and Elizabeth down from the top, or is the call correct?
Rush for the Gold
if you like any sport; not just swimming, and you enjoy the Olympics! Thank you for being a good audience.
Emily DiSalvo
L.A. 1+3
19 March 2014
Independent Reading Project Book Trailer

Secondary Characters

Elizabeth Wentworth
: Elizabeth is one of Susan's biggest competitors, yet one of her closest friends and teammates. Like Susan, she is a great swimmer. However, advertisers view her as less marketable because of her tough girl image. Read to find out which one of these friends comes out on top!
J.P., Bill, and Susie:
They are money-craving agents from Lightning Fast Company who don't care about Susan's privacy and will do anything to make her the next "it" girl of the Olympics. They are disrespectful, selfish, and devious. They are all middle aged adults, but no other physical traits are given.
Other Conflicts (Rising Action)
Person vs. Person
Susan argues with her dad when he sides with the nasty agents and agrees to their marketing plans.

Person vs. Society
Elizabeth Wentworth is just as good of a swimmer as Susan Carol. Unlike Susan, the Olympics don't bring her popularity and profits because she isn't gorgeous. Is this

Person vs. Person
Reverend Anderson and J.P. vs. Ed:
Susan's dad and J.P. decide Susan needs a more Olympic worthy coach than Ed, her old high school coach. Ed is angry that he is being replaced, and they argue over what they think is best for Susan.

Quote from the book "When you're a swimmer you don't grow up dreaming of the World Championships, you grow up dreaming of the Olympics. Now I really have a chance to get there."
-Susan Carol
In case you don't know what butterfly looks like
My Butterfly

Susan Carol qualifies for the Olympics.
Susan receives threats by her Olympic competitors on herself and Elizabeth.
Stevie devises a plan to keep Susan safe and uncover the competitor's schemes.
This story begins in North Carolina. The majority of the events, however, take place at the London Olympic Park; Summer 2012
(Mostly at the swimming pool-London Aquatics Centre)
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