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Life as a Singer/Songwriter

This is my Term 1 Grade 7 PIP. Enjoy!

Kay-Laurie Charchuk

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Life as a Singer/Songwriter

For my Personal Interest Project (P.I.P.), I decided to create a Prezi on singers/songwriters. I always wondered how once-ordinary people with so much amazing talent could become so famous, and what process they all go through to spread the phase of their songs to the whole world. It's crazy to think that it can take only so little to become such a sensation! To get a better idea of how people start their music career, I did a bit of research on one of my favourite bands, Hedley. I hope you like my Prezi!
Why I chose this subject...
Step 1:
Step 4:
How to Become a Popular Singer/Songwriter
By Kayla Charchuk
Life as a vocalist can seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but don't worry. No one learned to be a professional in one day! You're never too young or too old to create a fine career (or hobby) in the music industry. Remember to follow your dream and never give up! Here are the few steps of becoming a famous singer/songwriter...
the knowledge I already have about singing and playing music :P
start my career as a singer!
New Hit Sensation:
click here

to check it out!
start writing own songs (based on important/memorable times in life)
perform songs in front of/with friends/family
put band together with friends (who play drums/guitar/piano)
take one song-start with basics (find beats/melodies)
experiment with different kinds of beats/melodies (soft=sad/emotional songs, aggressive=louder/obnoxious songs, bouncy=fun/random songs)
try lots until it feels perfect
take your time
get singing & practice all the time
take vocals classes
sing in front of other people (just to get used to it)
join musical clubs at school/neighbourhood community centres
learn few common instruments to help with voice pitch/A Capella singing (singing without all the background music)
Step 2:
Step 3:
get lots of public performing practice
start easy with small community performances-local churches, coffee shops, restaurants (try school talent shows too)
post recording/music video of your song on YouTube
spread the word over social media
sign up for city/provincial vocal competitions
attend summer programs that focus on vocal performance
audition for vocal-competition TV shows (American/Canadian Idol, The Voice, The X-Factor, Canada's/America's Got Talent, The Next Star)
A useful guide to aspiring singers/songwriters
Step 4:
keep posting songs on YouTube
producer will offer to help you write proper songs/create albums (at one point-be patient)
albums-get sold, songs-played on popular radio stations=YOU ARE A HUGE STAR!
The Results:
life=more stressful (media/concerts/lots expected) but also fun (appearing as guest on popular talk shows)
make lots of money
become more widely known by helping humanitarian organizations/starting your own
become an inspiration for other young singers
do good things for world=get noticed more for it
win awesome music awards (JUNO, MuchMusic, AM)
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