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Using DocAppender App in your Classroom

The docAppender script allows you to collect data via a Google Form, and append it to an existing Google Doc as either a bulleted list or a table. It also enables you to create and link a Google Drive folder an existing document.

Janet Wallentiny

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Using DocAppender App in your Classroom

What is DocAppender?
Allows you to collect data via a Google Form, and append it to an existing Google Doc
appears as bulleted list or a table.
Enables you to create and link a Google Drive folder to an existing document.
Works on a spreadsheet that contains Google Form data and provides users with a web app where they can easily select which document they want to append to. Takes a google form submission (which is collected on a spreadsheet) and adds it to the bottom of the document.
Useful for
logging meeting takeaways or
keeping running records on teacher or student files.
DocAppender is very mobile friendly, as all usage involves URLs that can be loaded in a smartphone or tablet.
DocAppender Uses:
In this tutorial you will see docAppender used for building a simple behavior logging and reporting system. Teachers and staff will be able to submit behavioral incidents through a Google Form linked to a Google Spreadsheet. DocAppender will take each incident that gets submitted and append it to the bottom of a student’s behavior case file in Google Docs.
Step 1: Create folder and target files
1. Sign in to your google drive
2. Create a folder
3. Create a document for each type needed
e.g. student names, etc.

Step 2: Create a Form
To locate Google Form:
Final Step: Append Docs
1. Create form using one multiple choice question which will append to the google docs you created
2. Open addons and
3. Open docappender sidebar
Follow the steps ...and you are off and sailing!
DocAppender Classroom Use Ideas:
Teachers know the power that descriptive feedback has on student learning. We all know that descriptive feedback be specific and constructive. Google Docs sharing allows for immediate timely access to your student's paper, but using DocAppender, you can collect your assessment information in one document for the student.
Step 3: Install DocAppender
1. Go to add ons
2. Locate docappender addon
3. Allow docappender permissions

Using DocAppender App in your Classroom
PRSD Divisional Learning Coach Tutorial
What I really like about DocAppender for
Peer Assessment

The evaluation is pasted in the bottom of the document.
Papers often get lost, left in lockers, and having the comments in the documents for reference if students want to work on this outside of class time is great.
Using a form submission helps marginalize bias from other assessors.
I have students print out two copies of essays, but if there is one rubric that has already been filled in or highlighted at the bottom of the document, the peer might give a similar evaluation.
Class sharing for peer review in Doctopus makes too many documents.
For other apps, such as Doctopus, frequent users know if you give the entire class viewing or commenting rights on each other's document, everyone's incoming folder in Google Drive gets flooded with copies of these documents of their classmates.
Thank you to Gary Johnston:
As a student behavior reporting tool that appends each behavioral incident to a student’s case file

PRSD DocAppender Basic Tutorial
Google Doc Link:
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