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No description

Sofia Wadell

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of England

England Western Europe Wales, Scotland,
Northen Ireland 32 kilometers to the mainland General facts Constitutional monarchy Elisabeth II - Queen of England David Cameron - Prime Minister London Among the biggest city in Europe Location Attracts 15 million visitors per year London Eye Madame Tussauds Big Ben Buckingham Palace Madame Tussauds Climate Similar to the Swedish Rains a lot Mean annual temperature varies from 8-11 degrees Celsius Population 50 million inhabitants - England England is almost 4 times smaller than Sweden Live close to each other in England Food Eat more fast food than us 62% of adults in England are overweight
or obese - 39% in Sweden The children bring their own lunch packet to school:
-White bread sandwich with peanut butter
-Chocolate bar
-Bag of chips
-Drink like Cola or Juice Food continuing Popular English dishes:
-English breakfast
-Fish ´n chips
-Shepherd’s pie, Black Pudding,
Ploughman’s lunch,
Cumberland sausage. The English tea The English people love tea Consume more than any other
country in the world English tea is really famous English tea with scones, cream and jam Traditions/Bonfire night Guy Fawkers night On November 5th Celebrate that Guy Fawker
failed to destroy the Parliament Fireworks Similar to "Valborgsmässoafton" Traditions/Maypole dancing Similar to the Swedish Midsummer They perform circle dances around a pole
-just as in Sweden A bit odd English traditions Gurning Competition Worm chaming Sports The most popular English team sports:
soccer, cricket, rugby union and rugby league. Popular individual sports:
tennis, motorsport, horse riding and athletics Famous people Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare JK Rowling Romeo and Juliet Harry Potter Famous singers and bands The Beatles and The Rolling Stones Adele, James Blunt, Coldplay,
One Direction (except Niall Horan) Famous places Warwick Castle
-Medieval castle
-Knight tournaments
-Beautiful gardens Stonehenge
-“Ale’s stones” in the south of Sweden
-4500 years old
-The equinox and the summer solstice are important for the stones positions
-Each rock weighs more than 5000 kilos Education Age 5 to 16 Primary school
Secondary school
University School uniform Great Britain
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