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Integrated LED lighting, binocular magnification, and HD cam

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Miriam Iskander

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Integrated LED lighting, binocular magnification, and HD cam

Integrated LED lighting, binocular magnification, and HD camera on a surgical helmet
The idea behind the project
Separate devices
LED Lighting System
Binocular Magnification System
The importance of LED headlight
Emits true white light
Offers better shadow control
Improved illumination in the surgical field
The importance of binocular magnification
Tissue visualization is enhanced
Suture placement is precise and easier
Micro-surgical instruments can be better positioned
Better performance of difficult procedures
The importance of HD Camera
Record the first person's view
Improved surgical teaching
Training on cadaver does not show the liveliness of the organs and the flexibility of tissue
Enhance the learning experience
Products currently in the market
Mostly wired, thus limiting the surgeon's movement
Bulky to mount and wear
HD Camera System
The Helmet
Integrated Surgical Helmet
A helmet system that combines all three components together, that is:
low cost
Covered with cotton removable washable cloth
Resolution of 1280x720 at 30 frames per second
High quality video recording
Wide angle lens
Wireless Control
Using the unieye app
Real Time Sharing
Small and Light
Adjustable to fit individual surgeon's head
Cushioned using double foam pads for comfort
Next Steps
Adjust measurements of the design
3D print the helmet and the components' apparatus
Order the components
Thank you :)
Marina Rizk
Merna Agaybi
Miriam Iskander
LED technology
• Efficient energy saving and reduced maintenance

• No need to use filters that reduce the amount of non-visible radiation emitted

• enhanced mitigation of shadows cast by surgical staff

Parameters defining benefits of LED technology

: requires less wattage to produce high light levels

Thermal resistance
: LED radiate relatively little energy

: greater life and a non-catastrophic failure mechanism

KD-202A-1 LED Surgical Headlight
LED headlight specifications

Luminance (light field center)
: 55,000LUX

Power of light
: 1W LED

Adaptable voltage
: 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz

Life of light
: 50,000 hours

Light-spot size
: 10cm@500mm

: 30g (1.05 ounce)

Battery specifications

Working time
: 7 hours

Recharge time
: 3 hours

Battery capacity
: 4,000Ahr

: DC-3.2V

: 380 g

Galilean vs. Prism Binoculars
low cost
for small power magnification
for 4x magnification power or higher
two types : Roof prism type and Porro prism type.
Working distance (fixed) (x)

Field of view (fixed ) (z)
Binocular Magnification Parameters

Exit Pupil Distance
Low eye relief ≤10mm
Higher eye relief ≥15mm
The eye-relief spec is most useful if you wear glasses.
Parameters (cont'd)
Eye Relief (Adjustable within design):
Other Factors
Lens Coating, Focusing and Depth of Field
Ymarda Binocular magnification CH2.5x
Galilean style with 2.5x magnification power
Has a special coated precision lenses
High resolution clarity
Adjustable inter-pupillary distance to accommodate any pupil distance, by re-tightening the screws to fix the eyepieces in place.
Flip-Up Function
Required Specifications
2.5x Magnification
within the LED illuminated area
custom fitted for individual surgeon with tailored eye prescription .
multi-axis adjustment
sufficient working distance
Working Distance :

Depth of Field :
Field of View :
Working Angle
: Adjustable
: approx. 42g
Inter-pupillary distance (adjustable within Binocular System)
Dimensions: 48mm x 48mm x 17.5mm
Weight: 39 grams
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