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Hitler and the Nazi party.

Tristan Doebler

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of NAZIS

Hitler and the NAZI party.
By: Tristan Doebler and Austin Codina. Who or what is it?

Hitler, Jews, and the Nazi party from 1939 to 1942. Who was involved?

Nazis, Hitler,the Jewish, the German people, and the other nations helping/ fighting them in the war. Where did it occur?

Europe Where did it occur?
Some parts of Europe Why did this happen?

Germany and Europe where in ruins , depression, and overloaded with poverty after WW1 so Hitler and the Nazi party took advantage of this and made everyone think that the Jewish people caused all of their problems and therefor made everyone turn aginst the Jewish. Results

11 million Jews where killed due to concentration camps, the ghettos, and sickness/ disease. The things that the Nazis where doing to the Jewish was similar to what the southen states where doing to their slaves in the Americain Civil War.
It's similar because they both used almost helpless people of a differnt race for slave labor and treated then very badley, yet what the Nazis where doing to the Jewish was on a much bigger scale and treated them worse then slave owners did in the Civil War. Also unlike the slaves in the southern states the Jewish where killed off if they could not or where unable to work as slaves. The Nazi party was taken over by Hitler in 1919 and belived in only one aryan master race. The Nazis claimed that the German nation represents the most racilly pure aryan people.The Nazis belived that the Jewish race was a very parasitic race and should be termanited. Hitler's view of the aryan race was blond hair and blur eyes in which he was not and everyone else shall be put in ghettos and/ or concentration camps. VS. THE END!
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