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No description

Piya Mehta

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Deforestation

Deforestation Why We Shouldn't Cut Down The Trees Behind Fallingbrook Middle School This Prezi Presentation is going to explain to you why we shouldn't cut down the wetland behind Falling brook Middle School and how deforestation has a major negative impact on the environment. How Deforestation can affect animals and their habitats Deforestation can affect animals in various ways. Firstly their habitat. If animals lose their homes, they will have nowhere to live and they can possibly make a home in your own lawn. Second, their food chain can be broken. Many animals eat certain types of plants and if the plants are gone, they will be desperate for food and possibly eat another animal. Thirdly, they have nowhere to keep their babies because if they raise their babies on the streets, there is a good chance that they could be hunted down, or get hit by vehicles on the roads we made that destroyed their homes, the forest. Lastly, if a good number of animals are killed or homeless due to deforestation, there is a very good chance they could one day go extinct. If deforestation continues, we will make animals suffer more than we already are. Why Deforestation Creates Floods Do you ever wonder why we have so many floods around the world? It is because of deforestation. Did you know that each tree absorbs about 50-100 gallons a day, depending on the type of tree?All parts of the tree help absorb water, even leaves. The leaves reduce raindrop impact and sometimes the water stays on the leaves so the water could evaporate. The soil from the trees also absorb water when it's raining too. After that, the tree roots absorb the water from the soil, which leaves the soil dry, so it could absorb more water. If they cut down the trees behind Fallingbrook middle school, there would be less trees around here so there would be more chance for a flood/erosion. Here is a short video on a game people made on deforestation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, and then they release the oxygen and store the carbon. if there are no trees, then there will not be filtered and we would be breathing carbon dioxide, but when we breath oxygen we let out carbon dioxide and nothing to filter the air means no CLEAN we could still survive. More factories and more houses? Factories mean smog and smog is bad for the earth! It can effect our lungs, and people are going to cough and hack. Eventually, people are going to start complaining for what humans did, basically that is what WE did. Here are a few pictures of what deforestation looks like. How Deforestation Can Affect Our Oxygen Don't deforest it'll be bad,
Don't deforest we'll be sad!:( THANKS!!!!!!
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