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Copy of Copy of Unit 66: 3D modelling. Theory

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John Isichei

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Unit 66: 3D modelling. Theory

Unit 66: 3D modeling
Theory and Applications of 3D

Applications of 3D
product design
TV and Film
3D models are normal use for large effects such as an transformer in "Transformers" or the environments and characters in "Avatar".
3D models in film and T.V are generally not limited and have high poly counts making for lifelike models. This is because the model is rendered and doesn't have to run in real time.
3D models are used for almost everything in games from non visual triggers to the characters. 3D objects are the base to most games.
3D models in games have to be render in real time making the GPU and CPU work faster and a lot harder to help the game run at 29+ fps the developers make lower poly objects and use normal maps for high ditale.
Animation is used all moving objects in all cases. (Film, T.V, Games.)
Animation in 3D models is used in games and films using a bone rig in most this let the animator use a natural methods to animate by manipulating the bones in a way that fits the model.
Geometric theory
Geometric theory
An 3D object is made up of lots of smaller shapes called polygons that contain vertexes. They are mostly triangles, the polygons are manipulated by the vertexes and together make an much larger shape
Depending on if they are used in game or film they will have less or more polygons as this determines the rendering speed.
Mesh construction
common primitives
box modelling
extrusion modeling
Box Modeling (Subdivision Modeling)
Box modeling is building the draft of the final object by starting with a cube and subdividing it and manipulation it to get the shape.
This type of molding is fast easy to learn but its difficult to add high amounts of detail to models.
Sculpting work like clay starting with a sphere and sculpting. This works by pushing and pulling polygons and adding subdivision layers.
This type of molding close to traditional methods and is able to achieve high dilate essay but needs a lot to time.
An 3D object has limits of technology in film they are less so but they still apply.
The poly count is something that games must keep down to let the system work at a smooth frame rate.
Rendering time effects films most too long and it may miss the deadline in games it must be rendered in real time.
File size effects games mostly it the file is too big in a game it will take up more memory in the system lowing it quality.
Systems have created methods to get past most of the problems such as normal maps and bump maps creating "fake" polygons.
common primitives
They are the basic shapes they are mostly used in sculpting to provide a starting point.
Prims are very basic shapes extremely low poly and mostly built into the 3D softwear.
List of prims:
- cube
- flat pain
- pyramid
- UV sphere
- Isometric sphere
- cylinder
- torus
Extrusion Modeling
This is simpler to box modeling but it starts with a line not a cube and works by
extrusing that line out to create a face and continues to create the object.
The disadvantage of this is curved surfaces as it can't be clearly represented with out a mass of polygons.
The advantage is they are faster to create.

3D Studio Max
Blender 3D
Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D:
Current leading 3D box and Extrusion Modeling software for film.
Current leading 3D sculpting texture painting and normal mapping software for game and film.
A free open source programing for texture painting, sculpting and box modeling. This is quite limited but excellent for beginners.
3D box and Extrusion Modeling software and is good for beginners with a big budget. Mostly used in games.
example of normal maps
Applications of 3d
Geometric Theory
Mesh Construction
Developement Software
What we shall cover today
A suitable research task here
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