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W Hotels

Marketing Project

Lisa Ulloa

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of W Hotels

offers a unique mix of innovative design and passions around fashion, music, entertainment,
design, architecture, pop culture, and everything in between. W Hotels are unique and
individual expressions of modern living, reflected in the brand’s sensibility to a holistic
lifestyle experience with cutting-edge design, contemporary restaurant concepts, glamorous
nightlife experiences, and signature spas. Located at:
541 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10022
Opened their doors December 1998 The First W Hotel SWOT Analysis Strengths:
Strong presence in the domestic market and an aggresive strategy of growth in foreign markets
Positioning as a luxury brand
Using innovative marketing to attract new costumers and increasing costumer loyalty through the Starwood Preferred Guest Program Weaknesses:
Focuses on a very specific market segment
Lacks an ample advertising campaign Opportunities:
Dynamic growth of emerging markets in new destinations
Growing of foreign tourism
Improving economic conditions
Incentive in the tourism industry
Development of new infrastructures Threats:
Changes in general economic conditions, including the severity and duration of downturns in the US, Europe, and global economies
Impact of war and terrorist activity and heightened travel security measures instituted in response to these threats
Domestic and international political and geographical conditions
Travelers' fears of exposures to contagious diseases
Decreased in the demand for rooms and related lodging services and a result of general economic conditions
Changes in operating costs
Costs and administrative burdens associated with compliance of laws and regulations
Foreign exchange fluctuations
Financial condition of the airline industry and the impact on air travel
High competition to attract the market "Create the most successful branded, global, lifestyle hospitality company by ensuring that trust and respect, for our associates and guests, are at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to re-imagining our business with creativity and innovation, resulting in an exciting, fun workplace." Mission Statement
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