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Gati Hurtado

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Harriet Tubman Gati Hurtado
6th period Prezi Date Of Birth,
Death, real
name Harriet Was born in 1820 to enslaved parents
in Dorchester County Maryland.
In 1913 Harriet died of Pneumonia she was 93
years old. Harriet's real name was Araminta Harriet ross but she took the name of her mother which was Harriet Rit Ross. Personal Life Harriet was raised in bad conditions, and was always beaten at a very young age. Cornmeal was
the only food she was able to eat and in the night she would put her toes in smoldering ashes to keep
from getting frost bite. She would spend most her days with her grandma because her parents had to work and her grandmother was too old to work. At the age of six she was considered to be old enough to work so her master Edward Brodas sold her to a couple who sent her to work weaving. Life as slave The couple told her to work by cheking the muskrat traps she later on caught the measels while working, the couple thought she was worthless and sent her back to Brodas. She then was sold to a woman, she
served as a house keeper Harriet was beaten there during work. Harriet was then sent back To Edward
Brodas for eating one of her master's sugar cubes.
In her teen years she was seriously hit in the head by her master by a 10 pound weight on her head for not tying up a slave that tried to escape. In 1844 at the age of 25 she married a freed man named John Tubman. Escape Harriet dreamed of traveling north there she
would be free from slavery. In 1849 she was
given a piece of paper by a white abolitionist
neighbor with two names, and taught her to
find the first house on her path to freeedom.
At the first house she was put in a wagon covered
with a sack and driven to her next stop and they
gave her directions to safe-houses and names of people who would her cross the dixon line. She then
took a ride with a married couple in the underground
railroad they took her to philadelphia, while there she had a job and saved money to free slaves. Harriet then met people to help her free slaves and do her same routine, she made 12 trips back and forth but she first saved her parents. The freed slaves called her "Moses" because she did the same thing as
he did they both freed slaves. Later life jobs After her life of freeing slaves, harriet
got older and then served in the war.
She was an american civil war scout
and a spy for the union forces. She was
then a civil war activist raising money for
schools, and care centers for former slaves
and in her 90's she was an outspoken suffragist. Achivements Harriet Tubman is an iconic
figure, and is in many movies .
Harriet has been an outstanding
african american and has been
a progressive role model for over
150 years. She has inspired books,
stories,articals,songs,poems and
theatrical films. While her years of
freeing slaves she freed a total of 300
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