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Words in a Cline

No description

Angeluh Dalmasiiiyoo

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of Words in a Cline

Words in a Cline
A Word Cline is a string of words arranged in terms of strength or intensity of the word/phrase that represents a certain idea.

Identifying words in a cline can help improve vocabulary.

At first sight, two words may have similar meanings, but when words are grouped together, it becomes easier to differentiate one from the other.

A Word Cline makes differentiating words easier.
For example, the words promise, pledge, and vow all seem to have a similar meaning.
One can arrange these three words by their intensity:
Another example when it comes to arranging words in terms of intensity would be:

Take note that there are other ways you can arrange words in.

You can arrange words by formality as well.
next to, beside, along side, adjacent to.
Arrange the following words in ascending order by intensity:

whisper, say, mumble, talk, speak
chilly, freezing, warm, frosty, nippy
small, huge, tiny, big, enormous
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