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YouthCon '11

Working With "Digital Natives" by @DovEmerson

Dov Emerson

on 22 August 2011

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Transcript of YouthCon '11

Working With "Digital Natives" Why? "Wow" Factor Where the Kids Are At Digital Natives Need Some Table Manners Student Generated Content = "BUY IN" Shape the Narrative of Your Brand Diigo What It Does: Social Bookmarking
Save, Organize, & Share Your Online Bookmarks
Access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere, on any device

FREE Educators Edition:
Create student groups

Great way to share resources with students & have them share with the class.

Subscribe to groups ("Diigo in Education"), add resources to groups.

Mobile Apps Other Options: Delicious.com Instapaper What It Does: Simple tool to save web pages for reading later, offline or online. Symbaloo What It Does: Create a "webmix," a jumping off point to access a group of web sites.

Share a group of relevent resources/links/web sites with one link. (automatic updates)

Intuitive Presentation

Free EDU edition Poll Everywhere What It Does:

Allows you to 'subscribe' to web sites and blogs, and all new content comes to you in a single window.

If you have gmail, you already have it! (congrats) Google Reader Snip Snip Social Media allows you to control your brand.

You have a message, get it out there! You, Inc. Bit.ly QR Codes DropBox Tagxedo Get Creative! the Classroom Google Docs Evernote Today's Meet What It Does:

A free platform for allowing a "Backchannel" discussion to occur during a class, meeting, or presentation. Prezi Triptico Twitter Free social learning network for teachers, students, schools and districts

"Facebook for Classrooms"

Provides an engaging platform for blended learning and safe, productive social networking

Safe and easy way to:
Exchange ideas
Share content
Access homework, grades and school notices. For Schools What It Does:
A free/freemium online polling platform that students can respond to via text message or the web.

Can be used as is on the web site or embedded into a powerpoint.

LIVE results. Flipping pbs.org/teachers What It Does:

Shorten links for sharing on twitter, email, or anywhere else.

With a free account, you can track the clicks on your links.

Use free browser extensions to easily share a web page you find.

Create personalized links that are easy to remember and help your brand.

Will work with your own domain name as well. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/

Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky
Rabbi Aaron Ross

Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt
YU 2.0
http://www.jedchange.net/ Adam Bellow – Edutecher
http://dovemerson.wordpress.com For Further Reading Edmodo.com Diigo.com Instapaper.com Symbaloo.com PollEverywhere.com TodaysMeet.com Use existing content or create new content for students to learn from at home, and use class for individual sessions and projects ("the fun stuff") What It Does:

Free and easy online storage. 2 GB free.

Automatic syncing between computers.

Access via computer folder, web site, mobile app.

Easily share files with others. DropBox.com dropitto.me ge.tt bit.ly google.com/reader What It Does:

Escape the "Death By Powerpoint Culture"

Create powerful graphical presentations.

Stored online, easily share with others. Use other people's published presentations.

Can create with others in real time.

Free EDU accounts.

Pretty cool. Prezi.com What It Does:

Microsoft Office style software suite online.

Easily create, store, share, and collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google Forms: Easily collect feedback from people, information sorted in a spreadsheet.

Yours free with a gmail account (your lucky day) docs.google.com What It Does:

Create "Word Clouds" using graphics.

Adds a new dimension to discussions, as students are not only discussing the prominence of certain words/themes, but also the relationship to the graphic.

For regular word clouds, Wordle.net is the way to go. (can even do Hebrew!) Tagxedo.com What It Does:

Social network that allows you to view information, news, discussions on anything in real time.

Follow other users that tweet about your interests.

Create a PLN (Personal Learning Network)

HUGE resource for educators!!

Twitter chats using #Hashtags

#jed21 Twitter.com What It Does:

A simple tool to focus on your favorite part of a YouTube clip when sharing with others.

Free, no account needed.

After you select the section of the video, it gives you a link as well as HTML code to embed into your own web site, blog, etc. snipsnip.it What It Does:

Free fun tools for the classroom.

Customizable and interactive.

Works well with smartboards, projectors, etc. triptico.co.uk What It Does:

Capture anything, access everywhere, find things fast.

Text, pictures, audio, video, clip from web.

Everything is tagable, searchable

Organize your content

Automatic Syncing - Computer, mobile device, apps, etc.

Easily share with others.

Evernote PEEK App

FREE Evernote.com What It Does:

Create QR Codes that can be read by smartphones, tablets, computers, and direct the user to specific web sites, information, or content. qrcode.kaywa.com @dovemerson YouthCon cramberry.net goanimate.com fotobabble.com blabberize.com voki.com cueprompter.com gamesalad.com TED.com testmoz.com ipadio.com audioboo.fm plus.google.com storybird.com http://dov.li/oJOdph Link to today's files:
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