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Copy of Case Study 3-3: Dispensers of California, Inc.

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Mohan Gollakoti

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Case Study 3-3: Dispensers of California, Inc.

CASE 3-3:
Dispensers of California, Inc. PETER HYNES creator/inventor of a new and improved commercial paint spray patented his product with 16 years legal life remaining exploitation of his patent commercially, but no funds his friends offered to invest in a new corporation with a $200,000 capitalization before investing, prepare a...
profit plan projecting the company's revenues and expenses for the initial year of operation
end-of-first-year (INCOME STATEMENT) BALANCE SHEET QUESTIONS 1. How might Hynes and the investors use the profit-plan in managing the business?

2. How might this projected transactions impact the company's balance sheet?

3. Hynes made a number of accounting decisions. Do you agree with these decisions? Thank you! Retained Earnings Retained Earnings
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