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Youth in Action

No description

Angela Reece

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Youth in Action

Action 1 : Youth for Europe
Action 2 : European Voluntary Service
Action 3 : Youth in the World
Action 4 : Youth Support Systems
4.1 Support to bodies active at European level in the youth field
4.2 Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations
4.4 Projects encouraging innovation and quality
4.5 Information activities for young people and those active in youth work and youth organisations
4.6 Partnerships
4.7 Support for the structures of the Programme
4.8 Adding to the value of the Programme
Action 5 : Support for European
cooperation in the youth field
5.1 Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy
5.2 Support for activities to bring about better knowledge of the youth field
5.3 Cooperation with international organisations
1.1 Youth Exchanges
1.2 Youth Initiatives
1.3 Youth Democracy Projects
3.1 Cooperation with the Neighbouring Countries of the European Union
3.2 Cooperation with Other Countries of the World
Youth Work
What is International
Youth Work?

How could the barriers be overcome?
What are the
benefits and barriers to
International Youth Work?

What expertise do we have?
What good or bad stories can we share?
Other international opportunities
for young people
Raleigh International
Rotary International
International Citizen Service
British Red Cross
Act Global
British Council
SALTO Training Calendar
SALTO Toolbox
OTLAS Partner-Finding Tool
Information Provider (National Youth Agency)
Online Resources
Trainers Online
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