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Google Docs - Working Smarter Not Harder

No description

Karri Adams

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Google Docs - Working Smarter Not Harder

Google Docs

We're Glad You're Here!
Google Docs for Collaborative Writing
A Google Doc as an "In-Box"
Google Docs for "Form"ative Assessment
Conditional Formatting & Looking at Data
How does this apply to your day-to-day?
Establish Goals
Select Instructional Strategies
Working Smarter Not Harder
*All of the resources from
today's session can be found on our wikis!
Remind you of anything?

Addresses Technology Essential Standards
Integrates use of technology with other CC standards
Adds organization to classroom management
Increases student responsibility for work submission
Reduces piles of paper
Students need to be comfortable using netbooks / laptops.
Experiences with creating work in Google Docs needs to become a regular part of classroom routine.
Students will be able to access Google Docs through their ePals account.
A few days of Teacher Modeling of the process for uploading work to the In-Box may be needed.
For some learners, a video-tutorial might be more helpful. This could be uploaded to the teacher's wiki page.
Provides quick analysis of instructional groups
Great data for Data Team meetings
"Publish and Show a Link to the Results of this Form to All Respondents"
Have your spreadsheet ready to go with appropriate formatting conditions.
If you plan to use formulas, add them to the spreadsheet and test them before you use it for the first time.
Formulas for about everything can be found if you google them.
Make sure you include all necessary fields in your spreadsheet before you start using it.
It will save you time from having to go back in and plug in individual pieces of data.
You could use Google Spreadsheet to create an
online grade book. In that case, conditional formatting works just the same way. However, PowerSchools will probably be the main hub for organizing your grades this year.
Web Resources
8:00-8:30 Introductions
8:30-9:30 Collecting Data: Formative Assessment
9:30-10:30 Collecting Data: In-Box
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:45 Analyzing Data: Conditional Formatting
11:45-1:15 Lunch
1:15-2:15 Instructional Strategy: Collaborative Writing
2:15-3:00 Wrap Up
While you wait to begin,
please login to Google with your WCS login.
Technology Essential Standards
"What's the point in all the "razzle dazzle" techie stuff, anyway?"
Frequently Asked
The same question,
asked differently:
"What personal gain will I receive from changing my traditional practices to integrate this technology into my instruction?"
And, again:
"How will using this tool _______________ my learning experiences?"
{accelerate, enhance, justify, clarify, engage me in, change...}
The generation of students coming to us every day are learning much differently than generations of the past. They aren't interested in school for the sake of school. They are more interested in "Why" they are to do something, than being told "How". They are engaged in more "screen time" than "class time" each day; and often feel more interested in their self-guided ventures of the internet than the face-to-face instruction of a teacher. - Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner
Let us Consider:
Now What?
How about a new question?
What can we do in our classrooms to motivate students differently, so that they are engaged at the highest possible level of learning?
*Note that all assignments uploaded here would need
to be in a web-based format. Example: Use Google Documents rather than Microsoft Word.
Note our Digital Parking Lot!
Instant feedback for teacher
Low maintenance as far as preparation is concerned
Easy analysis of graded work with conditional formatting.
On-the-fly assessment for spur of the moment data collection.
Consider the NC Common Core and Essential Standards for your group of students and formulate pertinent questions and answer choices.
Introduce students to Google Forms before you assess them with it.
Familiarize students with how and where to access the form:
Your wiki page
A Google Sites webpage
Real Time
Multiple users can edit the document simultaneously
Provides the opportunity for various group dynamics
across classrooms
by interest
symbiotic skill sets
Web-based / Easily accessible / Can be uploaded to a Google Form In-Box
"Research Tools" feature in "Tools"
Automatic Citation!
Easy monitoring
Expose students to the Google Docs interface as compared to Microsoft Office / Open Office
Plan ahead for students grouping
Plan ahead for selection of possible writing topics
Teach students how to create and share documents within Google Docs

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