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A overview of some of the Issues facing ICT today

Robert Mercer

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Issues

ICT Issues Privacy Ownership of Information Data mining and record matching E-commerce Digital Divide Internet ethics Electronic monitoring Artificial Intelligence Robotics Environment Games and entertainment Convergence and divergence By Rob Mercer Rob Mercer - Swinburne University of Technology
92148768 Ownerhip of Information Web 2.0 Data mining and Record Matching one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world 15 Billion Revenue (US) in 2007 Hosts and powers websites of Border, Virgin Megastores, CDNOW, HMV etc.. Users enter feedback on purchases Users are grouped according to common purchases Future purchases are suggested through use of accumulated data Other examples of data mining?
Artificial Intelligence What is intelligence? What would you constitute as being artificially intelligent? “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines” – John McCarthy, 1956 http://www.gulu.co.il/TalkToGulu.asp Any other applications of A?I Unmanned Vehicles Nanobots Planetary Mapping What computers can't do Robots! Issues more with AI than with technology Size Money$$$$ "The gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all." Digital Divide Spam Viruses and Cracking Scams Hacking Filtering vs Freedom unsolicited bulk messages Denial of Service Attack Game Cracks applications? Cloud computing? Infomatics? Disposal of hardware? Solving the world
biggest problems What are people comfortable buying online? Started in 1995 First Profit 2003 GPS Tracking Face recognition Worth more than 30 billion a year (USD) - more than Hollywood 925 million AUD a year Games Australia 2000 people hired in Australi 90% of games companies expect to grow
in next three years Concern over attracting skilled staff 7 Generations Convergence and Divergence Too much
choice? Less resources needed Knowledge Resources OLPC? Barriers Game Violence? R rating in Australia Why steal information? Market info Malicoius Cookies Social Engineering Kevin Mitnick Games Addiction Government concern Deaths Social Effects Game design morals and operant conditioning
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