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The Boy Who Saved Baseball

No description

Alec White

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of The Boy Who Saved Baseball

The title

The Author
the publisher and publication date
The mood
The Setting
The Characters
The title is the boy who saved baseball
Everyone is sad and outgoing about the developers terring down the dillontown baseball field.
John H Ritter wrote the boy who saved baseball and published it in 2003
The setting takes place in a little town called Dillontown
they are dante del gato, tom gallagher, cruz de la cruz, Doc Altenheimer
By: Alec White
The Boy Who Saved Baseball
it was published in 2003 and the publisher is john h ritter
The authors purpose
The authors purpose is to entertain people about about baseball
The plot
The plot is that developers are terring down dillontown field and cruz de la cruz, tom gallagher, and dante del gato want to stop them
The conflict
The conflict is that developers are going to tear down dillontown field.
The Resolution
the resolution is that Doc atlenheimer saved the baseball field with a contract
My Sources
The Boy Who Saved Baseball Book
The End
By: Alec White
Dante del gato
My prezi
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