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Tutoring app

No description

nick ginsber

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Tutoring app

17,487,475 students in college in the
United states
1 out of every 3 students uses a tutor
Pricing and Margins
Addressable Market
Tutor's Pays 10% Commission

In-App Advertisement

Revenue gross margin
Year 1- $42 K
Year 2- $1.6 MM
Year 3- $6.1 MM

Competitive Advantages
10% commission fee
Tutors are available instantly
Tutors have experience with students Professor
Rating and review system
Nick Ginsberg, Ryan Shuler, Michael Khosravifard, Brendan Martin, Jack Geresi
What is Study Buddy Tutors?
Michael Khosravifard
Management Team
Zachary Cohen
Head of Marketing
Ishaan Khanna
Head of R&D
Initial investment required: $400,000
Present Capitalization: $100,000
Asking Investment: $300,000

Expected break even date: 2016
Allocated Funds
Marketing- $200,000
Legal and Admin- $96,000
Research and Development- $104,000
Exit Strategy
Potential Aquirers include:
Projected Purchase Price: $35,000,000
Similar Acquisitions
Tutorspree (undisclosed Sum- Acquired by Wyzant
Tutor.com ($40,000,000- InterActiveCorp)
Sylvan Learning ($275,000,000)
Marketing Plan
Campus representatives
Social Media
Traditional Media
Public Relations
Non-profit work
Financial Projections
Advisory Board
Increasing Demand for Apps
Increasing Popularity of Apps
300% Increase In App Production Between 2010-2013
Around 1,000,000 Apps In Existence

Android and iOS Compatible
Increases Target Market Accessibility

Ali Farazdaghi- Founder of Vantra Group Inc.
Michael Miller- Co-Founder of Wild Horse Labs
Daniel Naso-
Director of User Experience at Slalom Consulting
Jack Geresi
Dijon Morrisette
Head of Accounting
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