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Best Buy

Digital Strategy

Kaylyn Belmore

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Best Buy

by: Kaylyn Belmore Best Buy Digital Strategy Purpose Incorporating Twitter For all of the Bloggers Budgeting Scheme The purpose of this Digital Strategy is to
attract customers to buying computers from
Best Buy. Most consumers go into Best Buy in
order to hear about products from the knowledged associates. This strategy will bring in customers to not only learn about the computers but also purchase them from the store.
Additionally, it will draw in more customers to the stores in general. Also, draw in consumers to become more familiar with social media sites. Internet Marketing The use of GroupOn to market over the Internet will be used
Displaying the strategy to use Foursquare in stores to obtain a free Geek Squad Protection Plan
Along with discounted rates on computers over the GroupOn advertisement Make the Best Buy Foursquare Use: Social Media Outlets
Used in the Strategy Main Use:
promoted by the use of:
social blog sites
GroupOn The new Twitter page for Best Buy will be "Make the Best Buy"
It will send out tweets regarding the new promotion
update twitter users about local Best Buy deals
Hashtags using key words to promote the Foursquare application and deal they are putting on for Best Buy
Used for instantaneous updates on the giveaway in specific stores #city or store number
Keep track through retweets and favorited tweets The Best Buy blog will allow customers to review the promotions put on and allow Best Buy to improve and tweek the promotions annually.
Best Buy can update their blog constantly to keep consumers informed about this promotion Best Buy uses 3% of total revenue for advertising
Revenue in 2012 is 50.7 billion which allows for 1.21 billion for advertising purposes. This will be spent on social media sites talked about and of course their commericial and paper ads.
Additionally, working with Geek Squad for Protection Plan giveaways will lower the spending costs on promotion giveaways, which is projected to be around 8 million. Recent High School Graduates
Parents of the High School Graduates
Those in need of a new laptop before
entering the college world
Instead of informing about the
product, we need to make the sale! Who is the Target Market? The Big Idea Points for entering Best Buy
Coupons and rewards to users that download this application
Use the Foursquare application when they enter the store
Coupon for free Geek Squad Protection Plan on their purchased computer
First ten customers in every store Promotion on Facebook Key Performance Indicators Mobile Strategy Create a new Facebook page titled "Make the Best Buy"
Design it to aim at the target audience
Include Foursquare promotion
Keep track of users and age groups with the Insight application on the page Best Buy application users will get a pop-up advertisement stating the promotion that is happening Tools and Tactics Keep track of the amount of sales in computers
Monitor increases and decreases of computer sales in the summer time
Foursquare tracks how many times customers have stopped by Best Buy and also records how many check-ins of specific persons
Facebook insight application
Twitter retweets and favorites
Blog comments and tags
GroupOn purchases
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