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Pádraig Stapleton

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Jamaica

Land of Wood and Water MAP Jamaica is the fifth largest island
country in the caribbean.

It has a population of 2.8 million people and the capital is Kingston with a population of 940,000.
The national anthem is Jamaica land we love JAMAICA 'Out of Many, One people' This is the jamaican motto which emphasizes the diverse range of cultures and ethnicity's in jamaica, from indigenous tribes to former slaves spanish and english colonists, jews and asians imported as servants during the 19th century Jamacia was first colonised by the spanish after Christopher Columbus discovered the Island in 1494 , and called it Santiago.
They founded the first settlement Sevilla in 1509 and introduced many new crops such as sugar cane and bananas.
They abandoned this settlement in 1524 when it became uninhabitable due to disease. A Spanish Possession The British conquered Jamaica in 1655. Under crown rule the colony became a slave-dependent, sugar cane exporting economy.
Jamaica also became a haven for privateers, buccaneers and pirates, particularly the infamous Port Royale.
After the spanish left many slaves fled to the mountains where they set up independent communities. They were known as Jamaican Maroons and fought many battles against the redcoats.
In 1807 ,slavery was abolished in the British empire, however Jamaica was still flooded with slaves illgelly British Rule Jamaica was finally granted full independence on August the 6th, 1962. INDEPENDENCE! Interestingly in 2011 a poll revealed that 60% of jamaicans believed they would be better off under British rule.
This shows how Jamaica has struggled with poverty and crime in their fifty years of freedom. Jamaica has a proud sporting history. The most popular sports are those imported from Britain, including football , netball, athletics and the most popular sport; cricket. SPORT Jamaica has competed in every Summer Olympics since 1948 and has won a total of 67 medals including 17 bronze, 29 silver and 21 gold. All but one of these was won in the athletics discipline. Jamaica in the Olympics In recent times Usain Bolt has been the most illustrious athlete having won the double (200m and 300m) at Beijing and London. He has set the world record for 100m at 9.58 seconds.
Jamaica also achieved a remarkable feat by claiming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the men's 200m sprint with Bolt, Blake and Weir. Lightning Bolt Jamaica were the first tropical country to compete at the winter olympics.They first entered a four man bobsled team at the 1988 winter olympics in Calgary, Canada and although heavy underdogs, became crowd favorites. They finished in last place, after a nasty crash but did return four years later. The 1993 Disney classic 'Cool Runnings' was based on this event Winter Olympics Jamaica has a wide range of different religions. Christianity is the most practised, but only 2% are Roman Catholic the others being members of different protestant denominations.
There are also small numbers of other religions such as jehovahs witnesses, Mormons, Buddhists, muslims and a traditional population of jews RELIGION Jamaica has a proud dance culture with many forms of european derived, african derived and creole dance.
The african dances were brought from slaves and are still regularly practised among maroon communities today.
Creole dances are a combination of european and african dance. DANCE Jamaican cuisine is influenced by the many different peoples who have inhabited the island including the indigenous arawak tribes, spanish, english, chinese and indian.
Jamaican food is generally healthy because they use unprocessesd foods and many herbs including ginger, garlic and peppers. FOOD The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and saltfish(cod). The Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, first imported from West Africa aboard a slave ship. There are many popular music genres in Jamaica including ska, mento, rocksteady, dub and famously reggae.
Bob Marley was the most famous jamaican musician. He was the son of a white Royal Marines Officer and a black local. HE seldom saw his father who died when he was twelve. His lyrics about love, redemption and natural beauty captivated audiences, and he gained headlines for negotiating truces between two opposing Jamaican political parties. MUSIC Jamaica evolved fom an arc of ancient volcanoes. The land is mostly mountainous, with the blue mountains in the east rising over 7000 feet. Two thirds of the country is covered by limestone plateaus.The lowest land is by the coast.
Jamaica has a warm tropical climate. Temperatures are quite constant averaging between 25-29 degrees Celsius annually. The island receives a refreshing onshore breezes during the day known as ' the doctors breeze'
Unfortunately the country is regularly hit by tropical cyclones including Hurricane Charlie in 1951, causing widespread destruction. GEOGRAPHY As is usual with Caribbean countries, Jamaica has an extremely diverse wildlife. Native mammals are rare (mainly bats) however there are many different species of reptile eg. the american crocodile, lizards, iguanas and snakes such as the huge jamaican boa. Freshwater turtles are also native and treefrogs are plentiful inland.
Jamaica is also home to many species of beautiful exotic birds such as Doctor Bird (national bird).The seas are filled with colorful fish and bottlenose dolphins, all of which helps promote tourism. WILDLIFE Jamaican Boa Doctor Bird Ian Fleming designed and built his home, Goldeneye ,in Jamaica and set ten of his Bond books there.
Rum is the national drink of Jamaica.
The currency is Jamaican Dollars
Jamaica qualified for the 1998 world cup
Jamaica has won the third most Miss World Titles
Jamaica was the first country in the west to build a railway. FACTS Jamaica was inhabited by two ancient tribes, the taino and arawak people who had come to the island from south america. By 1494 they had built about 200 villages. They invented the hammock. NatIve People HISTORY CULTURE
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