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Lonnie G. Johnson

No description

Gerardo Castro

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Lonnie G. Johnson

Biography Lonnie G. Johnson Goal Born Date Education Lonnie G. Johnson invention The water gun he invented is really awesome. In 1982, Lonnie didn't mean to invent the water gun. Lonnie G. Johnson was born in Mobile, Alabama United States on October 6, 1949. And then died in 1970. Here is his date 1949-1970. This is when Lonnie was a kid back then. When Lonnie was still a little boy, him and his dad built a pressurized China berry shooter out of bamboo shoots.When Lonnie was 13, he attached a lawnmower to a go-cart he built from the junkyard, then he raced it on the highway until the police pulled him over. Lonnie dreamed that he would become a famous inventor, and during his teenage years Lonnie was more curious about how things worked, and more ambitious in his experimentation. Childhood Lonnie attended Williamson High School. While he was in high school he got a scholarship to go to Tuskegee University. When he was in high school he attended a science fair did a very nice job that he got a scholarship.Then when he finished college he joined the Air Force, then later on he joined NASA. Today we use Lonnie's invention and we use it mostly in the summer. Thanks to Lonnie we have something to do in the summer instead of being bored. That invention he made really helps us because now we don't have to worry about going to the beach, and getting wet we could just use his invention the Super-Soaker water gun. How we use Lonnie's invention today? Websites where i got my information? http://www.biography.com/people/lonnie-g-johnson-17112946 http://www.black-inventor.com/Lonnie-G-Johnson.asp http://www.black-inventor.com/Lonnie-G-Johnson.asp By: Gerardo Castro Lonnie G. Johnson's goal was to become an inventor like his idol George Washington Carver. The one that inspired him was George Washington Carver because George Washington Carver was an inventor too. And he wanted to be like George Washington Carver. This is how Lonnie looked when he was a little kid.
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