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My Prezume

No description

Cayne Althaus

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of My Prezume

Cayne Mai Althaus
Goals and Objectives
Join the military, preferably the army
Visit Australia again and maybe live there myself.
Learn more techniques on building and painting WWII vehicles and dioramas.
Become an Eagle Scout.
Started school at 4, where I went to Terrace elementary.
Went to Schmalz for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.
Junior High at Mayde Creek Junior high.
Most likely going to MCHS for high school.
Plan to attend Texas A&M or Texas Tech for ROTC.
All A's
Perfect attendance
Junior High
Tennis team
Robotics team
National junior society
Honor roll
Awards and Honors
In Boy Scouts
People 2 People program
Accepted into the National Junior Honor society.
Tennis team, won district
Honor roll
High School
Planning on going to Mayde Creek High School
Want all A's, the least a B and nothing less
Want a scholarship at Texas A&M or Texas Tech.
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Texas State University
Extracurricular Activities
Building Models
Video Games
Team Fortress 2
Call of Duty's

I like to be clean so I know where everything is.
I help people out when in need.
I like to talk with people.

Work experience
Chores- My parents assigned us chores for everyday such as feed the dogs, or take out the trash.
Self-employment- So far, I don't work for myself.
Parent assistant- I don't know what that really is.
Professional Employment
I would like to work for the army in the future as an infantryman or M1 armor crewman.
Collaborative Efforts
During Concepts of engineering I was the leader in this case, I was telling my partner (Benjamin) to help cut things out and put things together.
After all the hard work, we at least made the top 5 in our class. The top in our class was 6 books on a paper structure and ours was 3.
Fluent English
some Vietnamese
Currently learning Spanish
Native tongue- Vietnamese
Coach Bisbe
Aldy Pohan
Mrs. Dickerson
Mrs. Trentman
Joey Bond
Mrs. Holland
Ms. Hailee
Nick Rando
Issac Hughes
David Liu
Future Plans
Before I retire or... you know, die I would like to visit Australia, work for the army, visit Terrace(before I left, I promised, I would one day visit), become a professional model builder, and have a Siberian husky for my dog.
Thank You for reading my

I hope to see you soon.

Societal Contributions
I will continue to recycle my plastics, papers and aluminum products, to at least know that I have tried.
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