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Maze Runner

No description

Mr. Spencer

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Maze Runner

By:James Dashner Characters
Thomas: A newcomer to the Glade who is going to `save` everybody. He is the second to last n00b to be sent to the Glade and it isn't going to good for him... Bad things start to happen when he shows up.
Alby: Alby is sort of like the leader of the 'Gladers' and has most authority. He is really strict and what he says is what usually goes.
Newt: Alby's friend sort of like the Co-Captian there. He helps Thomas settle down and is really nice to him.
Chuck: The newbie before Tommy showed up. He is about the only friend Thomas has.
Teresa: The last person to show up at the Glade and the only girl. She is the answer to solving the maze. Ratings
I would recomend The Maze Runner to anyone who likes mysteries. People that like to be put on the edge of their seat waiting to see 'if John is going to live after he just jumped the Grand Canyon and failed'! It's a pretty good book and I think I'd give it a 4 out of 5. If you have read this book then I recomend the second book The Scorch Trials... If you have read that one too, well, good for you. Short boring summary
The Maze Runner is a story about a boy who ends up in the middle of a maze that shifts nightly. About 50-60 BOYS live there trying to solve the maze. Out in the maze these weird creatures called greivers dwell. They will 'sting' you and make you go through 'the changing'. Not cool...
Right after Tommy shows up a girl comes. The girl, Teresa, brings a message... The supplies is done, no more people are coming and the doors are done shutting at night. Now they have little time to solve the maze before everyone dies. The pressure is on!! Shipp happens...
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