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Means-End Chains

No description

Mel A

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Means-End Chains

Means-End Chains
Main Objective
Create a Means-End Chain to determine what values influence a consumer's purchase decisions in relation to sneakers
Applying MEC to Sneaker Purchases
Sneaker: a soft shoe worn for sports or casual occasions

3 Lifestyle Segments:

22 Convenience interviews conducted across the 3 segments.

What is a Means-End Chain?
- Goal is to understand consumer behaviours
- A knowledge structure that connects product attributes to consequences, and consequences to consumer values
The Athletic Segment

Attempts to uncover the root cause of a consumer's behaviour
The A-C-V sequence forms a 'ladder'

Three main questions:
1) What factors do you consider when deciding which sneaker to buy?
2) Why is that factor important to you?
3) What does it give you?
1) What is a Means End Chain?

2) The Laddering Technique

3) Means End Chains for Sneaker Purchases
The Functional Segment
What marketers should know about this segment:
1) Stresses the importance of comfort to tackle everyday activities
2) Emphasis on durability as a cue to quality and positive brand image
3) The majority of functional users desire lower price tags

Which segment are these ads
trying to attract?
The Style Segment
The Style Segment
What marketers need to know about this segment:
1) Attributes: style, colour, brand, price, and comfort
2) Price can signify the social status of the buyer
3) Shoe purchases are related to social belonging

The Functional Segment
Which segment is targeted in this ad?
What marketers should know about this segment:
1) buyers want recognition for their achievements
2) shoes are a means of establishing social belongingness
3) endorsements using A-list athletes have proven to be extremely effective
The Athletic Segment
Thank You For Listening!
Any Questions?
3 main levels:

1) Attributes - concrete & abstract
2) Consequences - functional & psychosocial
3) Values - instrumental & terminal
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