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3 main themes to the adoration of jenna fox

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Danielle Taylor

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of 3 main themes to the adoration of jenna fox

Themes for the adoration of Jenna fox
In this book the idea of family is shown when
Jenna's mother and father deiced to save her life by giving her a body made of bio gel, even though it was illegal and had it's risks, her parents would do anything to keep their daughter. For example her father said this when explaining about the bio gel "You're my daughter. You have to know, Jenna, I would do anything to save you. You're my child."
I think this theme is important because it shows that your parents care about you alot and it shows that your family will always be there for you to help during hard times.
I feel that isolation is regularly shown in the novel 'The adoration of Jenna Fox.' At the start Jenna was quite isolated from the world she wanted to go to school and go out side but her mother wouldn't let her and wanted her isolated from the outside due to her condition. For example when Jenna's mother said in the novel "I said school was out of the question. period.
In this novel the idea of identity is shown when... She wakes up remembering things in the morning, or when she's watching all the videos and she starts to remember who she is/was. In the book Jenna says "A watery blood bead on my knee.... A baptism I remember... And visitors.... I had visitors last night!"
I think this idea is important because it shows that even when it seems there's no hope and you don't know who you are anymore, it's okay, because even if you aren't the person everyone wants you to be, as long as you like who you are then that's all that matters.
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