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Mulan Archetypes

No description

fong pattama

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Mulan Archetypes

The task
Battle between good and evil
Mulan archetypes
Mulan Archetypes( Walt Disney version)
Situation archetypes
- The task

- The journey

- Initiation

- The Fall

- The battle between good and evil
The Journey
Mulan then was sent to train with the army. She had to conceal her real identity because women were not allowed to be in the army back then. After long months of training Mulan was one of the greatest soldier in the army.

Character archetypes
She endured in long training hours in the army.

The fall
The head of the army found out that Mulan was a women, he then told her to go back to her home knowing that she was one of the best soldier. He felt betrayed by Mulan because of her lies and he had fallen for her.
Mulan fought the battle with the Huns and won a victory. Her village was back to normal/ fertility came back.
A village in China was invaded by the Huns. The village was asking for one man out of every family to be trained and fight in the army. Mulan then took her father’s place because her father could not attend the army since he could not walk properly. Mulan must overcome the Huns who invaded her village.
- The hero

- Young person from the province

- Initiates

- Mentors

-Loyal Retainers
Character archetypes
Mulan was the hero of this story. She chose to go to the army and won the battle.
Young person from the provinces- She was still young, she was in the age of finding her right match. She chose to be away from home and trained to be in the army.

The hero
Character archetypes
The tiny disgraced dragon, Mushu. He was sent by the ancestors to change Mulan’s mind of participating in the army. But after he met Mulan he changed his mind, he accompanied and guided her throughout the journey.

Loyal retainers
Mushu also acted as Mulan’s sidekick. He was willing to die for Mulan, he helped Mulan in every matter.

The fall
Initiation- Later on in the story Mulan slowly learned that her goal was not only to take her father’s place in the army in order to save his life, but the real goal was to overcome the Huns/ to save the village.
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