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on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of HENRY MOORE

Mykaela Leiby
Born in Castle ford, Yorkshire, UK on July 30Th 1898.
Now I really make the little idea from clay, and I hold it in my hand. I can turn it, look at it from underneath, see it from one view, hold it against the sky, imagine it any size I like it, and really be in control, almost like God creating something. -Henry Moore
Henry Moore's Father was a coal miner who strived to support his 8 children, Henry the 7Th of 8. Henry's father would not allow his children to work in the coal mines, he worked very hard to give his children the opportunity of education.
Henry lived to be 88 years of age sadly he died on August 31, 1986.
Henry was found dead in the home he spent the last four decades of his life in. The house is in Much Hadham, Hurtfordshire, UK.
Oval With Points
Created in 1970

Created in 1966
Nuclear Energy sculpture resides in the University Of Chicago.
The sculpture resides in Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden, One of the very first bigger sculptures Henry created.
Created in 1957
The sculpture Oval With Points was created in 1968.
This copy of Oval with Points currently resides in Princeton University.
Created in 1980
Man Enters The Cosmos is located at the Adler Planetarium in front of Lake Michigan in Illinois.
Art Movement
Characteristics of Modernism:
1.Experimental use of abstraction;
Fragmentation- process of breaking into smaller/separate pieces
Bio morphism- sculpture design suggesting the shape of a living organism.
2.New materials and new techniques.
3. Self belief that art had a purpose, real value.

Citation Slide
My Favorite Sculpture
The reason "King and Queen" is my favorite sculpture of Henry Moore's is because it's the only sculpture I feel emotion from. The other sculptures have various random thoughts, and pieces scattered everywhere while "King and Queen" has a story to tell. I perceived this sculpture to be a man and his wife who have this endless love for each other and enjoy every little moment together. I feel Henry wanted a similar feeling as the couple experienced, as do most people. We want to feel adored, loved, cherrished.
Interesting facts:
-Henry decided he was going to be a sculptor at the young age of 11.
-Henry fought in World War 1 and survived with minor injuries, he was also a war artist in World War 2
-Almost every sculpture Henry created was made up of Bronze.
-Most of Henry's money was left to a foundation he created called "The Henry Moore Foundation" in hopes of promoting fine art.



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