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Poetry Anthology


Matthew Fox

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Poetry Anthology

Poetry Anthology By Matthew Fox atural
ndless N
E Limerick Poem The Just Cycle Haiku Poem The Pure River Cinquain Poem Life Shape Poem Ballad Poem The Fallacious Cycle The winding river
Snakes through the endless forest
Roaming into life Life
Radiantly Beautiful
Growing, Living, Surviving
Joyful, Glowing, Loving, Nurturing
Alive A willow and an oak
Both went up in smoke
The seeds fell
Yet no-one could tell
Whether they would grow or choke The Dirty River Introduction to Poetry Poetry is one of the oldest forms of
communication, it dates back longer than
four thousand years. It is a way of expressing meaning and purpose through context and rhythm. Through poetry a poet hopes to express emotions and ideas, while still telling a story and entertaining the audience. Poets use clever word play and intense ideas to draw in the audience while also allowing the audience to form there own opinions.

The theme I have chosen to use for my poetry assignment is "Nature". I have personally
chosen this theme because of its diversity.
One simple word opens so many
possibility's for poem topics. The
theme is also beautiful leaving it
open for intense and
meaningful poems. Reflection The meaning I intended to create in my
poems was the feeling of a scale. My poems
are arranged in a palindromic format. Poems
1 & 5 are about cycles, poems 2 & 4 are about rivers, were as poem 3 is simply about life. Also the first two poems are aspects of natural nature, were as poems 4 & 5 are aspects of mans influence on nature.

Through out my poetry anthology I have used a series of “Poetic Devices”. One of the most common is Rhythm (e.g Limerick, Shape, Ballad). Poetic devices are used because they create a relationship between the audience and the poet. They also help create the correct sound and
flow. Some other examples of poetic
devices in my anthology are Rhyme
and Repetition. The winding river,
snakes through the
endless pipes. Tainted
at every turn and wind,
What once was a pure
river, is now a dirty
river. Acting as a
breading ground for
disease and infection. A willow and an oak both went up in smoke.
The seeds fell yet no-one could tell whether it would grow or choke.

Grow it, Chop it, Burn it, Use it, don't forget to Subsidize it. Because this is the "Fallacious Cycle"

Once that tree was old and proud. They chopped it down and grew some more...

Grow it, Chop it, Burn it, Use it, don't forget to Subsidize it. Because this is the "Fallacious Cycle"
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