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Intent vs. Impact

No description

Kelly Lough Thibault

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Intent vs. Impact

Intent vs. Impact
Utilizing Inclusive Language

Videos will be shown that are not “G” rated
Videos may reference opinion or politics….this is not necessarily a reflection of the presenter’s beliefs
Each individual is entitled to one’s own beliefs, the purpose of this presentation is to raise awareness and encourage critical self-reflection
Frustration, discomfort, anger and other emotions are often involved in diversity work
Who am I?
30 second resume
Who is your presenter?
Definitions & Discussion
Language Activity
Roles on Campus
Questions & Discussion
How Powerful is Language?
Who was bothered by these words?
Who have heard these words said?
YOU can educate someone to not say these words because
someone thinks it’s unacceptable
Power of Language
Scenario Activity
What was your intention?
Did it have the same impact?
Intent vs. impact
Inclusive: not excluding any particular groups of people

Exclusive: excluding all else; rejecting other considerations, possibilities, events, etc. or belonging to a particular individual or group and to no other; not shared.

What do you think of these definitions?

Food for Thought: What kind of campus community do you want to create?
Definitions & Discussion
LGBT Inclusive Language
Don’t make assumptions
Flashback to 10th Grade Geometry
ASS – U – Me = Assume
Are other underrepresented groups invisible?
How might this play out on campus?
Focus on what they said/did, not who they are.
Racism Video
The “R” Word
How we might empower individuals who are differently abled?
Are you sensitive or insensitive?
Is there a difference between being “PC” and being diversity or social justice-minded?
Are you just trying to make others happy (aka…being PC) or actually trying to make a difference?
Do you have people in your life to positively challenge you?
Group up with 2-3 other people
Discuss the next slide
After a short time we’ll have a discussion
Language Activity
“That’s so retarded”
“Handicapped” / “Crippled” / “Slow”
“That’s so lame”
“That’s retarded”
“Fag” / “Dyke”
“That’s so gay”
“No homo”
“God Bless You”
“Stop bitching”
“Who is manning the event?”
“Boyfriend / Girlfriend”
“He’s such a dick/bastard”
“I totally raped/slaughtered that test!”
“The assault victim…”
“That’s so ghetto”
“I got gypped”
You Guys” / “Hey Guys”
“Those girls” (referring to other female students or adults)
“The kids in my class/group…”
“Don’t throw like a girl”/ “Be a man”
“Don’t be a pussy/bitch/wimp”
"White Trash"
Commonly Used Words….Think about the meaning of each word and possible alternatives…..
Language Activity
Why might inclusive language be important in our role as employees?
Campus Employee Role
Hillary duff gives an example…
A Final Thought….
Questions & Discussion
Know your audience…or do you?
Role Modeling
Why is This Important?
Role Modeling
Building Community
Personal Self-Reflection
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