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Change Project- Polystyrene and its Impacts

By Ankur Maniar, Diane Hoang, Shirley Lin, and Evelyna Tsou

Dingle Hopper

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Change Project- Polystyrene and its Impacts

Polystyrene and its Impacts Polystyrene harms not only humans, but the Earth and its other inhabitants Polystyrene is commonly mistaken as Styrofoam, which is one type of polystyrene.. It can kill animals and release harmful toxins into the ocean and our bodies.
Polystyrene pollution in the bay. Service: Polystyrene collection/drop off to recycling center and UPS store. collection and flyer handout. delivery 1 delivery 2 UPS store plastic including polystyrene amidst dead birds. ankur maniar evelyna tsou diane hoang shirley lin CHANGE PROJECT we learnt to work in a team and learnt to cooperate. This project demonstrated further that I have trust issues. We attained a greater sense of respect for our environment. We learnt about the chemicals polystyrene leeches and that it can choke animals. the point of the project! part of one delivery! This graph shows the polystyrene production from 1990 to 2001. The production amounts are tremendous.
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