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Antigone Family theme

No description

Gillian Miranda

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Antigone Family theme

Family Members Background Antigone Ismene Haimon Creon Antigone Family
and Filial Piety > Haimon
> Antigone
> Ismene
> creon
> Eurydice Eurydice Haimon is Antigone's fiance.
His main purpose is to try to save Antigone from death as he convinces his father to spare her.
Though he has much respect and love for his father, he sides with Antigone. He snaps back after he sees his father acting immaturely.
After Antigone chooses to hang herself near the end of the story, Haimon follows her by stabbing himself, picking death with Antigone over life with his father. Family plays a pivotal part in Antigone's life, and as we know it is the major drive for Antigone rebelling against state law, going against the king, and burying her brother Polyneices. > Oedipus married his mother Jacosta
> Gave birth to two sons and two daughters:
- Polynieces - Antigone
- Eteocles - Ismene
> Jacosta committed suicide and Oedipus was exiled.
> Creon (Uncle and brother-in-law) raised children
He forbade the burial of Polyneices.
In prosecuting Antigone, he chose the state over his niece
When Haimon comes to him saying that he chooses his leadership over marriage, Creon says: " That’s what men pray for—obedient children growing up at home who will pay back their father’s enemies."
And when Haimon suggests letting Antigone go, Creon accuses Haimon of disrespecting his elders and says: "You’re the worst there is—you set your judgment up against your father."
Creon decided that following the state was above all else, and in turn, lost all that was dear to him.
He thought following the state was most important. Now he wishes he chose family first.
Ismene does not feel the same way about family as Antigone. Antigone wants to bury Polyneices, but Ismene refuses, saying that she loves her family, but she does not want to risk her life.
When Antigone is captured by Creon, Ismene wants to be executed along with her.
This plan fails. Because of her decision to choose following the state over her family, she is forced to live alone without them. "I will bury him myself. If I die for doing that, good. I will stay with him, my brother, and my crime will be devotion" - Antigone, conversation with Ismene It could also be argued that Antigone was not just rebelling out of devotion to her family, but to obtain glory and self-righteousness. "Then weakness will be your plea. I am different. I love my brother and I'm going to bury him, now. Nishu Mohanad Gillian Olivia Luis Eurydice is Creon's wife.
According to the chorus, her only job and function is to knit in her room until her death.
After she is informed that her son Haimon has died, she finishes what she is knitting, and goes to her room, where she kills herself, cursing Creon for the death of her two sons.
Eurydice is the only one that really was considered family to Creon other than their son Haimon.
After her and Haimon's death, Creon is left alone.
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