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Numerals and Counting in Western European Languages

A small numerical journey involving English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Danish, Welsh and Irish (Gaeilge)

Robert Henneberg

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Numerals and Counting in Western European Languages

Count your

Numerals and Counting
in Western European languages

64: sixty-four

75: seventy-five
64: sesenta y cuatro

75: setenta y cinco

64: sessantaquattro
75: settantacinque

64: vierundsechzig

75: fünfundsiebzig

64: soixante-quatre

75: soixante-quinze

96: quatre-vingt-seize
64: sekstifire

75: syttifem

64: sextiofyra
75: sjuttiofem
Are you safe below 60?
17: dix-sept
21: vingt-et-un
64: fireogtres(indstyve)

75: femoghalvfjers(indstyve)

96: seksoghalvfems(indstyve)
four and three (times twenty)
4+3 = 64 ?
five and half of four (times twenty)
6 + 4x20 + 1/2 x 20 = 96
six and half of five (times twenty)
(4x20) :2 + 5 = 75.......NOT !
13: tri/tair ar ddeg (three on ten)
14: pedwar/pedair ar ddeg (four on ten)
15: pymtheg (fifteen)
16: un ar bymtheg (one on fifteen)
17: dau/dwy ar bymtheg (two on fifteen)
18: deunaw (two nine)
36: un ar bymtheg ar hugain
(one on fifteen on twenty)
96: un ar bymtheg ar bedwar ugain
(one on fifteen on four twenty)
50: hanner cant (half hundred)
99: cant namyn un (hundred but one)
counting things
counting people
1: a haon
2: a dó
3: a trí
4: a ceathair
5: a cúig
6: a sé
7: a seacht
8: a hocht
9: a naoi
10: a deich
dhá bhó
bó amháin
trí bhó
ceathair bhó
cúig bhó
sé bhó
seacht mbó
ocht mbó
naoi mbó
deich bó
cailín amháin
beirt chailíní
triúir cailíní
ceathrar cailíní
cúigear cailíní
seisear cailíní
seachtar cailíní
ochtar cailíní
naonúr cailíní
deich cailín

25: fiche a cuig cúig bhó is fiche cúigear cailíní is fiche
Wales: the country that brought you...
Lanfair-pwiggly-gwiggy-gilly-gogo-worry-windro-brillianty-silly-gogo-gogogogoch ???
175: hundertfünfundsiebzig
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