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Wednesday, Nov 5th 2014

Character Development: Overcoming Adversity with a Positive Attitude. Pair Learning Activity-review of flipped class video. Rehearse. Self-assess with Secretive.com.

Colby Hawkins

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Wednesday, Nov 5th 2014

Peer Learning Activity
Rehearse Holiday Concert Repertoire
Image by Tom Mooring
November 5th, 2014
Please take 10 minutes to complete Study Guide 12.2 with a partner. This is a review of material taught in your flipped class video you watched Monday for HW.
Set a Goal:
Vocal Warm-Up
If you are a
beginning singer
please focus on healthy posture with your hands at your sides and knees relaxed.
If you are a
moderately advanced
singer please focus on singing without tension in the throat, jaw, and tongue.
If you are an
singer, please consistently sing with a lifted soft palate, round lips, and tall vowel shapes.
Self Assess: In which category do you currently fit?
Please have your music ready and a pencil.
Week Goal: Move from #1 "Learning Notes" to #2 "Mastered Notes" on our Performance Ready Chart on all three songs.
Today's goal: each individual improve his or her mastery of each song by more than the previous rehearsal.

For example:
If you were missing notes before, you have them now.
If you weren't singing out before, you are now.
If you liked the Giants, you dislike them now.
Please trade your paper with your partner and have them mark the correct answers in if any are missing.
5-8 min
Self-Assessment: please take out your smart phones or grab an iPad, go to
, click
"student log-in"
when asked for the
room #
Please complete the survey to give us an idea of how you are doing, how our class is doing, and and how I'm doing as your teacher. : )
When you hear the timer, please return your attention to the front of the class.
all these are improvements ; )
Bell Ringer
Discussion Prompt:
What do the stork and cloud
represent in your life? What is one moral of this clip?
*Class Discussion
2-5 min
4 minutes
Take final assessment 15-30 min.
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