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Element Mercury

No description

Daniel Contemprato

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Element Mercury

Mercury is a silverish gray transition metal. Mercury was discovered by the chinese in 1500 B.C. Mercury is usually found in it's liquid state of matter. You can obtain Mercury from Cinnabar Mercury was named after the roman God,Mercury, known for speed and mobility Mercury is used in thermometers, batteries, barometers, and vapor lamps. I hope you've learned more from our presentation. Element mercury

By:Daniel and Mari Thank You! Another name for mercury is "quicksilver". Mercury is also in mascara, medical items, manometers, float valves, and blood pressure devices. Mercury is usually found in Spain, Russia, Italy, China and Slovenia. Mercury may cause many health issues such as lung and eye irritaton,nerve, brain, and kidney damage,skin rashes, vomiting, tiredness, headaches, and damaged brain functions.Damaged brain functions can cause degradation of learning abilities, personality changes, tremors, vision changes, deafness, muscle incoordination, memory loss and many more health issues.You may find mercury in what we have just described. There are many elements in the world but we're going to teach you about the element mercury. This presentation is brought to you by: Thank You! Mercury's atomic weight is
200.59. This is mercury's atomic configuraion. Mercury is a stable element. Mercury is used for mascara, tooth filling, vapor lamps, thermometers, barometers, light bulbs, batteries, and paint. Mecrury has high luster and is used in paint and mirrors. Mercury's melting point is at room tempurature while boiling point is at 356.58 degrees celsius. if u find this u r awesome I'm scared of Mr.Crosbie.
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