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American Romanticism

Introduction to American Romanticism and the literature of the time.

Melanie Walker

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of American Romanticism

American Romanticism
Valued imagination, not reason
Concerned with the individual, not society.
Focused on nature and the "ideal" world.
How did America (and it's beliefs) change?
Increase in immigration to the Americas.
Cultural Events
Immigrants come from many different countries bringing new beliefs and ideas.
Population increase in the cities.
New Ideas and Beliefs Emerge
Strong belief in God
Strict rules for society
Conformity is stressed.
Writing is in the "plain style."
Mostly non-fiction.
The Revolutionary War causes people to question current beliefs and philosophies.
The Industrial Revolution dramatically changes daily life.
Immigrant and rural workers raise population.
Low-income housing forces people to live in close quarters.
Disease, poverty, starvation, violence, homelessness
Transcendentalism is also used to escape the world.
Imagination is used to escape the realities of the world.
The individual becomes more important in society.
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