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Fangirl: Book Report

No description

Kaitlyn Booth

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Fangirl: Book Report

Main Characters
Supporting Characters
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"Fangirl" is the story of Cath Avery and her transition into college. All of there lives Cath and her identical twin sister Wren have considered themselves as "built in best friends". Recently the twins have made the transition into college where the extroverted party loving Wren and introverted fanfiction writing Cath start to grow apart. While Cath hopes that they could share a dorm and spend all of there time together like they used to Wren is ready to meet new people and show that she is not like a copy of Cath. Cath hopes to spend as much of the school year that she can locked in her dorm writing fanfiction for her favorite book sires Simon Snow. All her life this fandom has kept her going despite all of the hardships. On her first day in her dorm Cath meets her intimidating new roommate Reagan and her "friend?", "boyfriend?", "cousin", or whatever he is, Levi.
As the year progresses Cath starts to settle into this new life although she finds that she really misses spending time with Wren and that she is nervous that her dad will have a mental attack again she is able to start making friends. One day Cath bumps into a boy from her fiction writing class named Nick. Once they meet they decide to become partners for the next writing project. As they continue to write the two find that they come up with incredible stories together and meet up a couple of times a week to write together for fun.
When she goes back to visit her father for the weekend Cath finds out that her father, Art, has been secretly talking to her mother who was hoping to be able to become connected to her daughters again. This upsets Cath a lot because her mother left when she was in third grade and never contacted her daughters after that. Later when Cath finds out that Wren is fine with this and has even agreed to meet there mother she gets even more upset. Meanwhile Cath's roommate Reagan decides to take Cath under her wing and become her friend. Despite the fact that Cath is shy and nerdy and Reagan is outgoing and forceful the two get along really well. Despite the fact that she has become friends with Reagan Cath starts to develop a crush on Levi, who she now is pretty sure is Reagan's boyfriend.
One day Levi comes in to study with Reagan, but she went out on a date instead so Cath agreed to help him study. All of his life Levi has had trouble processing what he reads to himself, but he has an excellent memory and when someone else reads to him he can understand books really well. Cath realizes that in order to help Levi study she would have to read him the entire book that night and even though Levi told her that she didn't have to Cath read the whole thing anyway. Levi was so appreciative that he kissed her. Then Reagan went into the room and saw them kissing. Levi quickly went to work and Reagan gave Cath an angry look. Later Cath found out that Levi was Reagan's ex-boyfriend and current best friend which made her feel a lot better about liking him. Reagan explained that she was more shocked than mad because she knew Levi liked her, but had no idea that Cath liked Levi.

About the Author
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Rainbow Rowell
In the story "Fangirl" there are many conflicts. One of them is Man vs Self. This conflict is how Cath chooses to be believe that everyone likes her less than Wren and that Wren is the better twin. This relates well to the story because part of it is about Cath coming out of her shell a little and realising that she is her own person and that that does not make Wren better than her. Another conflict is internal and external. The fact that Cath's mother is trying to fimd her way back into Cath's life is bothering her and in the book she is finally able to get closer with her mother.

"Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell is a realistic fiction story that covers how the transition from high school to college effects different people and what a first love is like. This book was originally published on September 10th 2013 by St.Martin's Press.
The Whole Group
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Report by: Kaitlyn Booth
Rainbow Rowell in 1973 in Nebraska. All of the stories she writes are about love, people who like to talk a lot, and people who feel like they are messing up in life. Disney is her favorite place in the world and she is always going there.
Fan Girl by: Rainbow Rowell
From left to right: Art, Wren, Cath, Levi, Reagan, and Nick

Conflict Analysis
Summary Continued
After that Cath gets a text from Levi asking her to come to a party at his house. At first Cath decides to stay in her dorm because she is too nervous to go to a party, but when Reagan gets home form work and starts to get ready to go to the party Cath decided to go with her.
Once Cath gets to the party she has trouble finding Levi, but when she finally does she sees him kissing a girl in the kitchen. Reagan agrees to take Cath home and continues to apologize for what happened. Cath tells Reagan that she does not want to see Levi anymore to which Reagan tells Cath that she will try to keep him away from her as much as possible, but she reminded Cath that Levi was her best friend and that she could not keep him away forever.
As time goes by Levi is completely in the dark about as to what happened to Cath and is disappointed that she has been avoiding him, and he tried whatever he could to get her to like him again. Eventually Cath ended up spending all of her time in the library with even when Nick wasn't there.
In her fiction writing class a huge writing assignment has been given to the students. When Cath meets Nick in the library later he says that he wants to turn the story they have been writing in as his project. This outrages Cath and she stops hanging out with him.
Next Cath's father is hospitalized because of a mental attack and Cath needs a ride out to go and see. No one can take her in time so she has to turn to Levi who agrees to take her. Cath still really likes Levi but she keeps telling herself not to think about and she is definitely not ready to forgive him. While waiting for permission to visit Cath's father Levi decides to ask Cath why she was avoiding him, and when she tells him about what she saw at the party Levi told him that when he kissed her it did not mean anything and that it was just a kiss. Feeling terrible Levi tells Cath that he will leave her alone now. Cath is starting to hate school even more and decides that she does not want to go back to school, but she later convinces herself to go back.
When she finally comes back to school for the second semester her Fiction Writing teacher asks Cath why she never turned in her final project for the semester to which Cath explains that she just couldn't come up with anything to write, her teacher sees potential and offers Cath a second chance to finish her story, but it would have to be turned in by the end of the year. Cath decides that she does not want to write the story but she tells her teacher that she will do it.
Before the year ends an accident brings Cath and her Mother face to face. Also Cath finds out how much her family means to her and how much she means to them. Lastly, Cath finds her first love.
Most of the story takes place in Cath's dorm room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Cath and Reagan, her roommate live in a very small and cramped dorm. Both of them have a small desk and bed on each side of the room. Cath's side of the room has her Simon Snow memorabilia on display. "Fangirl" takes place during two college semesters and goes through parts of 2011 and 2012.
Cather Avery
Nickname: Ctah
Cath is an 18 year old fantasy nerd who loves to read and wright fanfiction. As long as she can remember Cath has always loved the book series about a boy wizard named Simon Snow. Now that she is grown up Cath is expected to "grow up" and move on form Simon Snow, but she does not want to. Most of Cath's clothing consists of sweaters, scarfs, and Simon Snow t-shirts. Cath has brown hair and blue eyes, and she wears glasses. Her personality is very similar to mine. We are both very nerdy and enjoy reading and writing. Also, Cath would rather stay in than go out. Lastly we both have social anxiety which makes it harder for us to engage in social interactions, this does not mean that we are not friendly it just means that it is harder for us to talk to or be around people sometimes because it makes us nervous. Cath's character is the main protagonist through out the story. Most of the time her main goal is to keep Wren as her best friend. How I felt about most of the events in the story was very similar to how Cath reacted. In my opinion this was intentional. Rainbow Rowell's target audience was young adults who could relate to Cath.
Levi is a 21 year old boy with blonde hair that he likes to keep pushed up. Cath would describe Levi as tall an lean, but also muscular. When he was in high school he dated Cath's current roommate Reagan. Currently Levi works at Starbucks, but during the summer he will go back home to work on his families ranch which he loves more than anything. Kind is an understatement of what Levi is. Levi is always going out of his way to help people feel happy no matter what the cost even if he does not know them. Stories are some of Levi's favorite things, but he has problems reading so he listens to audio books, his recorded lectures and sometimes Cath when he wants to hear a story. Levi drives a huge red truck which he loves and would never get rid of. In the story Levi is shown as a protagonist, then an antagonist and later a protagonist again. Even though as a reader you don't get to see what Levi is thinking most of the time you know he really cares about Cath which makes him a very loveable character.
Arthur Avery
Nickname: Art
Art is the father of Cath and Wren. When you start to get to know him as a character you will discover that he has been through a lot of hardships and that he is in the process of learning how to become a better Dad. At a glance Art would just look like a middle aged man with broad shoulders and a head full of brown hair just like his daughters. What you might not know is that he is an incredibly hard working marketer that is very lonely and has reoccurring mental, stress, and anxiety attacks that have gotten him into a hospital before. Even though he has many difficulties Art is always there to care, love, and help his daughters succeed.
Wren Avery
Although she looks very similar to her twin sister Wren's personality is very different. The fact that Wren has a pixie cut and does not wear glasses are the only physical differences between her and her sister. Unlike her sister Wren loves partying and is very outgoing. Wren is always trying to get more independence although she does not always show the maturity she needs to. In fact Wren spends most of her time partying and underage drinking to the point where she ends up drunk in most cases. Still, Wren loves her sister and would do anything for her. During the story she is sometimes portrayed as the antagonist.

Nick is a boy in Cath's fiction writing class who becomes good friends with her at first. In the first part of the story the friends spend a lot of time writing together until he is later reviled as the antagonist when he does not want to give Cath credit for the work they did together. Nick is described to have dark bushy hair and eyebrows that almost form a unibrow. Even though Nick was a jerk to Cath later the loyalty of Cath's friends is shown when he confronts her and her friends have her back.
Reagan is Cath's intimidating roommate, and Levi's ex-girlfriend and current best friend. Outgoing and tough are two good words to describe her. Most of the story she proves that she will always be there for Cath and helps Cath with many of her difficulties. Reagan has dark red hair and a larger curvy figure. When she is not at school and not out with boys Reagan works at Olive Garden. One of the many reasons that Reagan is important is that she is Cath's first best friend in college, and even though she does not seem to have a sweet spot Reagan would do anything for Cath.
"Fangirl" is a book I wold recommend to anyone looking of something heartwarming that they can relate to. The story is so good that you will have trouble not reading it. Many people who read this book will think they already know what's going to happen and end up completly blown away. This story will grow on you quickly and you will find yourself relating to and loving many of the characters. Also, by reading this book you learn knew lessons in love friendship and loss. Many people don't understand that opposites attract but this book will show you that you don't have to be like someone to be there friend.
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