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Maze Runner

No description

Joy Dang

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Maze Runner

One night, the doors don't close in the Maze. The Gladers are worried, because this has never happened before. They have no protection against the Grievers, which come in at night and try to kill each Glader one a night. The Gladers fight the Grievers while Thomas, Chuck, and the new girl, Teresa, go to the cliff.
Falling Action
Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa jump over the cliff with the courage that they know they might die if they missed the hole. They did not miss it and arrive in the Griever hole. They found the computer and enter the words into it. They press a button labeled: "Kill The Maze". While the other Gladers arrive through the hole, a secret door opens up.
Rising Action
Thomas is dropped off in the Maze in the "Box". Thomas doesn't remember anything and goes to his new friend, Chuck, to learn about the Maze. Thomas finds out from Chuck that the other Gladers have been trapped and are trying to solve the Maze for two years already. One night, Thomas hears horrible screaming coming from a closed door. He finds out that the boy is Ben, and he has been attacked by a Griever, one of the terrible creatures that was made by the people who created the Maze.
Joy Dang,
Aidan Mitchell
Matthew Waller

The Maze Runner
My name is Thomas.
I have arrived in the Glade.
My thoughts are erased.
After going on a tour in the Glade with Alby, a girl named Teresa appears in the Box. She brings a message saying that soon everything will change. One night, Minho and Alby don't return from the Maze, until the doors are closing. Thomas stays outside overnight to save Alby, and helps Minho defeat Grievers that were planning to kill them. After that, Teresa helps Thomas figure out that the maze is a code and it spells words. They need to be entered into a computer hidden in the Griever hole, which can be used to deactivate the Grievers.
A cage represents the Gladers' containment inside the Maze, because before Thomas arrived, the Gladers couldn't get out of the Maze because they were afraid they would get killed.
Thomas and the Gladers enter through the secret door. They enter the Chamber. Gally throws a knife at Thomas but kills Chuck, dieing in Thomas's arm. Two people arrive, and attack the Creators of the Maze. Then, the Gladers are taken to a dormitory on a bus.
They went through the door.
Gally tries to kill Thomas.
They're safe in a dorm.
Thomas gets a tour.
Someone new is in the Box.
She is Teresa.
They fight the Grievers.
Thomas presses Kill The Maze.
A door opens up.
This is picture of a void, because black represents emptiness and uncertainty.
At the wall in the maze that the runners discovered, they don't know anything about it, or how the Grievers disappear in it.
The Maze Runner Movie Preview
The doors do not close
The Gladers fight the Grievers
They climb off the cliff.
The symbol for the Climax of
Maze Runner
is a shield, because when the doors didn't close at night, the Gladers had no protection against the Grievers. Before, when the doors closed, they were like a shield, protecting the Gladers from harm.
The broken heart represents how Thomas felt when Chuck died. He promised Chuck that he would help him find his parents, yet Chuck died, so Thomas feels extremely guilty for promising Chuck something that won't happen anymore.
A lion represents courage. This picture symbolizes the courage Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa had when jumping off the cliff into the Griever hole. Thomas was even willing to sacrifice himself to help his friends.
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