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When music offends

No description

erika steinger

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of When music offends

Unit eq: Does music censorship violate the first amendment?
lesson eq: What happens when music offends?
When music offends
reading 1- MTV unplugged (page 90)

when music offends
reading 3- Rockers, Rappers, and freedom of speech (page 96)
when music offends
oral cloze
when music offends
when music offends
Do Now: List the multiple reasons why people may be offended by certain kinds of music.

Follow along in your books and say the word aloud when I hesitate.

When music offends, .
when music offends
reading 2- The day the music died (page 93)
Does a school have the right to ban music? Explain

A school (does/does not) have the right to ban music because .
Who should decide what makes music offensive?

should decide what makes music offensive because .
What would you do if your cable company banned a station that you liked?

If my cable company banned a station that I liked, I would .
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